healthy eatingHealthy snacking is an integral part of losing weight after pregnancy, with weight loss plans including snacks to boost energy, regulate metabolism and keep hunger pangs at bay.
Having a variety of healthy, nutritious snack options available is a good way to ensure that you don’t indulge in high calorie, unhealthy snacks like packets of crisps, cakes and lollies.
Some food combinations are a match made in heaven, making them a tasty, healthy snack option that is easy to put together on short notice, with few ingredients.
These two ingredient snacks are simple to prepare, contain low amounts of calories, have high nutritional value and are delicious too!


Raspberries & Yoghurt

Simply combine 10 fresh raspberries with 100 grams of reduced-fat Greek yoghurt for a calcium and antioxidant-rich snack.
Estimated calories per serve: 113

Strawberries & Cottage Cheese

Mix 120 grams of reduced-fat cottage cheese and 6 strawberries for a healthy, vitamin C enriched snack.
Estimated calories per serve: 132

Celery & Almond Butter/Spread

Take 2 stalks of celery, fill with 2 tablespoons of almond butter for a delicious, high protein snack.
Estimated calories per serve: 239

Feta Cheese & Watermelon

Combine 150 grams of chopped watermelon cubes with 30 grams of reduced fat, crumbled feta for a light and refreshing, high calcium snack.
Estimated calories per serve: 127

Cheese & Rice Crackers

Take 50 grams of reduced fat cheddar cheese and serve with 5 x plain rice crackers
Estimated calories per serve: 174

Avocado & Rice Cakes

Take half a small avocado, mash and smear onto two plain rice cakes for a filling snack high in fibre, vitamin B6 and essential fatty acids.
Estimated calories per serve:  193

Tangelo & Almonds

Receive a vitamin C, iron and magnesium boost by combining a fresh tangelo with 10 raw almonds
Estimated calories per serve: 118

Rockmelon & Blueberries

Remove the seed from a rockmelon and serve half the melon with 75 grams of blueberries in the centre for a hit of vitamin A, fibre and vitamin C.
Estimated calories per serve: 140

Cherry Tomatoes & Bocconcini

Combine 40 grams of bocconcini cheese with 70 grams of cherry tomatoes for a snack high in lycopene, calcium and vitamin A.
Estimated calories per serve: 102

Boiled Egg & Sourdough Toast

Serve a chopped, boiled egg on a slice of sourdough toast for a warming, high-protein snack.
Estimated calories per serve: 151
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