Hi everyone so it’s been a fortnight and I’m so happy that I have reached my goal of 85kgs and I’ve passed it! Now I’m 84.4kgs making that a loss of 1.4kgs and a total loss of 29.4kgs on the Lose Baby Weight plans!!!
I have set a new goal and that is now to reach 75kgs.
And measurements lost-

  • Waist- 92.3cm all up 34.7cm
  • Hips- 101.5cm all up 30.3cm
  • Bust- 93cm all up 18.2 cm
  • Thighs- 51.4cm all up 24.1cm


This week I have been really focusing on my food intake and drinking a lot more water and green tea. I have been using my free Eat Move Lose 2014 food diary and motivation sheet from the printable download pack. It has helped me heaps!
It keeps me on track and when I work out I read over and over my motivation sheet and it helps keep me in going! My best friend also gave me the 2014 Lorna Jane Fitness Diary for Christmas! Feeling special and I can’t wait to use that either!!!
Miss doing my Healthy Mummy DVD but I have been doing some of the exercises that I remember from the DVD and using the exercises on the Lose Baby Weight site.
I love trying out new things and see how I go, I do believe you need to enjoy your workouts. I know I totally enjoy working out and feel guilty if I miss a day. If you don’t like what your doing, change it around until you find something you love or sometimes you need to give it a go a couple of times, it does hurt in the beginning and your mind and body are yelling out “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME STOP!!!” but in time your body gets stronger and it gets easier and soon you will be pushing yourself for more!!! So keep in there, if your stuck the Healthy Mummy DVD is a brilliant DVD for short, fun workouts with results! I can’t recommend that DVD enough.
My Uncle has also lent me his treadmill so I have just started using it doing 30mins of walking for 5mins, then running for 5mins and so on and reaching 3kms. I actually surprised myself that I could even run for 5 mins, in the past I would never run as it would hurt all of my joints and especially my back! So I would avoid running but not now.
I’ve been eating from the 28 day plan and sometimes mixing up the recipes, only just slightly by changing the veggies or meat around, I like how the plan is so easy to follow and so many great family meals in there. The stirfries are great and versatile, so I make a lot them during the week. My daughter said the cabbage looked like noodles and was excited to eat them (she is so fussy, so this made my night lol).
I’ve made more low fat gingerbread men, the kids love them!!!
I’m still loving the healthy mummy smoothies and I’ve been having a lot of blueberry and chocolate ones.
In the coming weeks I will be focusing on not over eating over the holiday period, following the Lose Baby Weight tips on the site.
I will be lifting more weights, I’ve been upping my numbers from 50 to 60 and I’ll aim for more!
I’ll be aiming to walk/run 5km, so far I’ve been doing 3kms a day.
I hope you have signed up for the Eat Move Lose 2014 challenge!!! I have, I’m so excited.
Tasheena x
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