Hi everyone it’s been another week and I’m so happy to say I’ve lost 1.5kgs this week and 26.4kg in total since being on the Lose Baby Weight plans.
Weighing 86.4kgs not far off my 85kg goal!!! I can’t believe how close I am, when I first started I thought I would never reach that goal and that it was unrealistic but yet here I am and only 1.4kgs to go and then my next goal will be to get to 75kgs.


Unable to measure myself as I have lost my measuring tape, it will turn up somewhere! Lol I miss my measuring tape it’s a great tool to use especially if your not seeing any number loss on the scales, you will definitely see number loss on the measuring tape!
I’ve been a bit slack in the exercise department, I’ve been packing house and well that’s a bit like exercise lol but making sure I was squatting when packing and squat walking when shifting boxes (that was a leg burner!) but back into routine and ill be whacking in the awesome Healthy Mummy DVD. If your wondering about getting it, don’t hesitate! It’s so worth it!!!
I’m still enjoying cooking from the 28 Day Plan and slowly my partner is adventuring with the meals, I was shocked when he agreed to brown rice again. He usually says no an wants white rice.
I have been making a lot of my own recipes for the healthy mummy smoothies, I’ve been mainly making alot of berry smoothies but my favourite is still the green goddess which I’m drinking right now.
Me and the kids have been making heaps of Choc chip chickpea cookies which can be found in the Calorie Bible or the 28 Day Plan, we love making it and it helps the sweet cravings! It’s also what I offer friends when they come over for a coffee or 2 and they love them aswell, sometimes even asking if I have made any lol.
This will be my last week as Motivating Mum of November and I’m going to go hard! So I’m off to whack on my Healthy Mummy DVD and then dance around with my 3 kiddies.
Tasheena x
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