Hi everyone I’m lucky to be continuing on as a Lose Baby Weight Motivating Mum. I have been a Motivating Mum since October last year and it has helped me lose so much weight and it’s also so amazing to help inspire others as I know how hard it is in the beginning to get up and do something about excess weight.
I have been using the Lose Baby Weight Plans and Healthy Mummy Smoothies for the last 11 months and I have lost 35.8kgs.
Lately I’m sitting around 77-78kgs (today 77kgs) I started at 112.8kgs and my ultimate goal is to reach 69kgs. So only 8kgs to go YAY!!! Never thought I would be saying that!!!
I thought I would explain how my day goes as being a MM with 3 kids under 4.5yrs at home.
5am Kids are up and I have a coffee as I can’t function without it lol.
615am My partner leaves for work and I put my workout clothes and ipod on and do a workout consisting of weights, squats, lunges, crunches, leg raises, glute lifts, I could go on! Or I do a workout using the Healthy Mummy DVD I usually pick two segments a 15min and a 10min one as my kids will only allow me to get in half an hour sometimes less lol but if I’m lucky I will squeeze more time in. My kids are usually off trashing the house around me lol I have learnt to just let it go and clean it up later.
730am Kids breakfast and my breakfast is a Healthy Mummy Smoothie I usually make my smoothies from the Spring and Summer cookbook or the 28 Day Plan or just use whatever I have in the house.
I also have just started having Apple Cider Vinegar which I have with a big glass of water before breakfast, lunch and tea (helps speeds up the metabolism) plus fish oil 3 times a day.
745am to about 11am I am cleaning and playing with the kids. I try and fit in as much incidental exercises as I can such as marching steps while I’m walking around and doing the washing, squatting when picking up items or lunging.
Snacks I pick out of the Calorie Bible or 28 Day Plan such as low fat greek yoghurt and LSA, choc chip chickpea cookies, choc chip quinoa balls, carrot and dip, almonds and green tea or my new fave is roasted chickpeas!!!
11am Kids lunch and then the younger 2 go to sleep. I set my oldest up with something to do such as paints, drawing, movie whatever (my daughter isn’t amused for long so usually there is bribery going on lol)
Then I go for a 20min run or a 30-45min walk and then I’ll make another Healthy Mummy Smoothie.
The afternoon consists of more cleaning, playing and preparing for dinner. If the kids are off playing I will try and fit in another 15-20min workout either doing my own thing or using the Healthy Mummy DVD again. The 10min stretch and relax is amazing!!!
Any snacks in between are from the 28 Day Plan or Calorie Bible.
I also have lots of water throughout the day I find having a water bottle with me helps. If I’m really craving more food a cuppa helps me.
5-530pm is dinner time and I make something from the 28 day plan we usually have a lot of stir-fry’s or fish and salad. Lately we haven’t been having meals from the 28 Day Plan as my partner has wanted to cook dinner which is lovely but he doesn’t always make healthy choices. These nights I have small portions and fill up with water (it really does work).
Any little bit of exercise helps.
Talk to you later fabulous Mummies
Tasheena Snow xx
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