So this week on the Eat Move Lose Challenge I carried on with the squats and push up challenge. Only to discover that I can’t do one full push up lol even fell and bruised my knee attempting one haha but I was still determined in did kneeling push ups and wall push ups.
Plus I did walking and running on my treadmill, feeling myself get fitter each time I go on is such a great feeling!
I also did a lot of the healthy mummy DVD toning cardio and lower body workouts and its made a massive change in my lower body plus helped me fit into a pair of size 11 jeans!!!
This shocked me as when I looked at them I said no way will they fit me but I tried them on and I was so excited!!! They only just did up but I didn’t care I could still get away with it (just don’t sit down hahaha).
I have never been able to wear anything near that size EVER! So yes I stood in the mirror taking selfies for at least half an hour and sending them to my mum and she cried as she was so happy for me!
I didn’t lose any weight this week but I knew I wouldn’t as I lost a big number last week 2.9kgs. But I have noticed big changes in my body and that keeps me going!!! Still amazed that I’m 31.6kgs down on the Lose Baby Weight plans!!!
The healthy mummy smoothies are still going strong with me and I’m glad I’ve changed them up a bit (not that I was ever sick of them). I’m enjoying trying out some new flavours and they still keep me full and going for the day!
Made the yummy cottage cheese Pikelets and they were a hit with my kids and when my mum and Nanna came to visit.
Tried the no sitting down and well that was going ok until my friend rocked up lol but tomorrow is a new day!
Tasheena Snow x

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