Hey everyone so it’s been another week and I’m proud to say I reached my first goal of getting under 90kgs by using the Lose Baby Weight plans.
I’m now 89.7kgs, I’m so happy and now to reach my 2nd goal of 85kgs. That is a loss this week of  800grams and over 23.5kg in total


Measurements down

  • Thighs – 1.5 cm all up – 20.5cm
  • Waist – 0.4cm all up – 30.4cm
  • Hips – 0.3cm all up – 26.3cm
  • Bust – 0.1cm all up- 12.7cm

This week my youngest, 11months is really getting around and likes to get mummies attention and turn my exercise DVD off or get under my feet lol so I got out my portacot and set it up with toys and now my workout is trouble free besides my other two munchkins 4yo and 2yo getting up to mischief occasionally.
I haven’t been doing the 5am workout starts this week due to my 2 boys, one being sick and the other teething so at 5am I was getting in as much sleep as I could lol.
I have been breaking them down and doing 2 workouts 30mins around 7am and then another 30mins around lunch time when my 2 youngest are asleep.
This week I have been drinking a lot more water lately which I’m very happy about, plus putting lemon in the water helps on those days I don’t feel like plain water.
I’ve been really cutting down on much processed foods as possible. I try not to eat any of the kids snacks, I won’t even kick my fingers are preparing their snacks lol because I know if I did lick my fingers I would be eating them so it stops me from indulging. I go to my Calorie Bible for snack inspirations, it’s so handy that little book.
I’ve been loving the marinated lamb and kebabs this week which is in both 28 day diet plan and spring and summer cookbook. It’s so cheap and easy to make and QUICK. Plus the whole family loves it.
This week I’ve been craving berries so I’ve been hammering the strawberry healthy mummy smoothie mix with the frozen berries. There are so many different berry smoothie recipes in the Spring and Summer cookbook you can choose from, I love picking out a recipe or just making it up myself.
This weekend it’s my nephews first Birthday (I cant believe how fast the year has flown) and so there will be cake and all the goodies that go with birthdays. I will be strong and not over indulge in the blissful food that will be there and make healthy decisions. I want to look great in the dress for the upcoming wedding in 2 weeks!!!
This week I’m planning on-

  • Getting back into 5am workouts
  • Drinking more water
  • Walking to the park
  • Spring Cleaning the house :-O

Now that’s a workout there 😉
Talk to you next week x
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