Tasheena Snow has lost an over an amazing 43kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her thoughts on how Lose Baby Weight has been so successful for her and why the plans are different to other weight loss plans around.

Hi everyone my name is Tasheena Snow, I am a Mum to 3 kids a 5yr old daughter and 2 boys that are 3.5yrs and 2yrs old. I have been following the Lose Baby Weight Plans for 2 years now and have lost 43.6kgs. I have gone from a size 20-22 to a size 8-10, the smallest I have ever been. I have been overweight all my life and even more after having my third baby until I found Lose Baby Weight.

Why the Plans have been successful to me?

I found the Plans successful as they taught me how to cook quick, easy, nutritious, healthy, family friendly foods. How to cook my old favourites healthily like Shepard’s Pie, Green Coconut Curry Chicken, chocolate cakes, pizza, fried rice, I could go on the recipes are endless.
They taught me how to eat right and not starve myself, so I am always feeling full throughout the day.
The Healthy Mummy Smoothies are so filling, convenient, delicious, the recipes are never ending and I love experimenting with different flavours. What I love most is the natural boost of energy I get which is what I needed with my sleepless nights and crazy days with my 3 crazy beautiful kids.
The plans have taught me how to love exercise as I used to hate exercise like stick a fork in my eye kind of hate and now I crave it! The plans show you how to incorporate small amounts of exercise throughout the day and slowly build it up over time. The Healthy Mummy DVD I found fantastic for short effective 10-15min segments that helped tone my body.
The 28 Day Challenge exercises have shown me a whole new range of different types of workouts that keep my exercise routine exciting and new. I find changing up my routine keeps me motivated and never board of a workout.

Why the Plans are different to other Weight Loss Plans?

  • You are not starving, you eat calories according to your age, height, weight and fitness level.
  • No food restrictions
  • Made for busy Mums
  • Breastfeeding and pregnancy safe
  • Family friendly meals
  • Short effective workout plans
  • Support from over 36,000 Mums and from the owner and creator herself Rhian Allen
  • Endless articles of information ranging from bloating, pms, breastfeeding, PCOS, kids party foods, healthy alcoholic beverages, what foods to choose when out and about, motivation and so on.

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