Hi everyone I had horrible week as I was hit with the flu and of course there was a stop on my workouts but I did manage on some days that I was feeling ok I got up and did a 15-20min workout either following the Healthy Mummy exercise DVD or putting my ipod on and lifting weights, doing sit ups, crunches, squats, lunges etc.
I bought myself some vitamin C and was downing them plus putting heaps of spinach into my Healthy Mummy Smoothies, my favourite was the Blueberry Delight but without the oatmeal and extra spinach. I finally started to feel better by Friday which was great as I had a wedding to go to Saturday.


Saturday came and I felt so much better, the yellow dress I pushed myself hard for was fitting great but had a wardrobe malfunction there was a stain on my dress from dirty fingers, so no time to wash and dry I put on my backup dress which was the same dress but purple and a size 16 whereas the yellow dress was a 14. I was also surprised that in areas my size 16 purple dress was loose especially around the bust and back area.
The wedding was beautiful and I loved all the compliments as I haven’t seen most of the people at the wedding in a while.
I ate from the 28 Plan mostly and my partner was fussy this week and wanted man food lol so I did my best and and surprisingly there is alot of man friendly recipes in there like the Rump Steak Salad which he loved, Beef Stirfry which I changed around and used beef mince instead of beef strips and changed some of the veggies around, Lamb Kebabs and Marinated Chicken and steamed veggies.
The Calorie Bible was a big help in choosing Alcoholic drinks while at the wedding reception and I’m not a big drinker so I had no clue, so the little book was so useful!!!
This week I’m getting back into my workout routine and working off all of that wedding food and cake 🙂
My measurements and loss
I lost 600grams this week a total of 24.6kgs down

  • Bust- 96.8cm down 0.2cm
  • Waist- 97cm down 1cm
  • Hips- 103.5 down 1.4cm
  • Thighs- 54.5cm down 0.9cm

Talk to you next week
Tasheena x

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