I purchased your Healthy Mummy smoothie and I love it!!! I have lost over 17kgs. I’m really enjoying creating with the healthy mummy smoothies, I did a chocolate avocado one this morning and my little man kept wanting more thinking it was a chocolate thick shake.


It seriously was delicious!!!

I started losing weight this April at 112.8kgs and now I’m weighing 95.8kgs. My first goal is to reach 85kgs then to get to 75kgs.
I’m really enjoying the plans and smoothies. I highly recommend using The Healthy Mummy and Lose Baby Weight.
I have lost
Bust- 12.2cm
Waist- 21cm
Hips- 21.8cm
Thighs- 11.5cm
A big thankyou to The Healthy Mummy and Lose Baby Weight Team for helping us mummas get up and out there and eating right
I also decided to make some chocolate moulds out f your smoothie chocolate powder and its heavenly!!!

  • 1 tsp coconut oilchocolates
  • 2 tsp cocoa powder (had no cacao)
  • 3 tsp rice maple syrup
  • 1 scoop Healthy Mummy Smoothie chocolate

Water to consistency and pour into moulds and freeze for a couple of hours or until set. Taste like grainy chocolate like a coconut rough!!
I would also just like to say how happy I am that I purchased the The Healthy Spring and Summer Cook Book
I nearly tripped over myself when my partner was flicking through your book and said “wow there’s some pretty good recipes in here”. I was in shock lol he is your typical Aussie bloke and for him to be blown away with the recipes I couldn’t be happier!!!
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