I’ve been on the lose baby weight program for about 4 months but its only been the last 3 months that it has really taken  off for me…
Being my 2nd child I knew the weight was going to be difficult to lose but put owning my own business, cervical cancer, breastfeeding and 2 kids into the mix and I was thinking I’d never lose the weight!
One of the things that really drew me to the lose baby weight programs besides how easy and yummy they are was the fact that they were not only safe but helpful for the breastfeeding mums.


I had such a difficult time breastfeeding my son and so breastfeeding my daughter was my number 1 priority! I was so frightened of my milk drying up that the helpful staff at LBW and with the help of The Yummy Healthy Mummy smoothies not only have I lost 7 kgs from all the important areas but my milk supply has been great!
I just have my yummy mummy shakes for breakfast and lunch make sure I have an easy snack at least once a day if not twice and then a healthy well balance meal for dinner the whole family can eat!
My favorite part is… I’ve not exercised once!Not even once!! My busy schedule with my business and having 2 kids just does not allow me the time right now and I’m still easily losing weight!
I will eventually exercise as I miss it alot but the fact I don’t have to makes this program so easy to follow and stick to!!
I’m so excited for my future and I’m so confident ill hit my goals!
Only 3 kg to pre daughter weight, 5kg off my pre son weight and 10kg off my goal weight!! I can’t wait to share with you when I get there! Xoxo
Tash Kennedy
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