I had never struggled with weight gain before falling pregnant with my first child.. In the first 3 months of pregnancy i had gained a whopping 15kg.. And with my second pregnancy had just kept piling the weight on… I thought this was how i was meant to be after having children…
It was just such an effort to even do 15 squats in a row!! Now 27.6kg down after using the Lose Baby Weight plans and squats are effortless and just fit in throughout the day whenever I can!!
The lose baby weight diet is what you make it!! Fresh!! Healthy!! And so easy to follow with the support from the team online and with how fast your online order is delivered to your door!! The much healthier, happier me can not wait for xmas happy snaps this year… Which past years i have avoided!!
It has been a year of diet and exercise and going off track from time to time due to stress and gallstones but with the constant support on Facebook, emails and the lose baby weight bible… Along with the Healthy mummy smoothies and 28 day plan i have now in 12 months (since the day i started) lost 27.6 kg and feeling great!!
Happier and healthier!! Thank you lose baby weight xx
Tarryn Matthews
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