Hello everyone my name is Tania and I have lost 14kgs* with Lose Baby Weight.
Lose Baby Weight-14kg Loss

I have been on a weight lose journey before but in the most unhealthy ways, which sadly lead to binge eating.
Since doing Lose Baby Weight and doing the 28 day challenges I have been able to use the knowledge I have gained to minimise my binge eating and regain a healthier life style which has given me a new lease on life.
I have absolutely loved this month’s challenge, it has been the first month my whole family has been on board and what a difference it has made.  
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My partner lost 2.2 kgs in the first week and already I have noticed a change in him, he is a lot more energetic which is a bonus because I’m actually getting some help.
In 11 days I have lost 2.2kgs which I am ecstatic about because I have hardly had any sleep with my 8 month old and 22 month old both being sick.
To start off I was doing the challenge exercises, the full body toning challenge and walking when the weather permitted but recently have only done the full body toning exercises because of course now I’m sick but I haven’t let that slow me down, I have tried to still walk most days usually for about 70 minutes which I find helps get me through the day being sick isn’t going to stop me from reaching my goals.
We have been following the 28 day challenge meal plan without too many changes and it has been fantastic.
We have tried foods that we have never eaten before so it has been a whole new world for us.
One of the things I think that has also helped us is the portioned recipes, we now eat to be satisfied not eat until we are over full therefore making us every lethargic.
I have found all the meals so far so easy and quick which suits a busy mammas life because I tend to find it difficult to cook a meal that takes too long because it is usually happy hour at my house with the kids grumpy and demanding.
So far into my journey I have lost 14kgs and am aiming to lose at least 14kgs more, so I am half way there and nothing will stop me from getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight because I know I can do it.
We are one step closer to having our dream bodies so give it your all and believe in yourself because you can do it, having a healthy life style and being a fitter mum is all within your reach.
You are not alone on your journey because we are all in it together.
Tania xx
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Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

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Elle Lost 24kgs* with the 28 Day Challenge
Lose Baby Weight- 24kg Loss
Elle says: “I have been browsing the 28 day challenge recipe hub ( there are some super yummy ideas on there!!! ) and customising my meal plans for the week and it has given me the motivation to focus on my ultimate weight loss goal, without feeling like its a chore ! One of my favourite meals from the challenge are the toddler friendly meat pies, they taste amazing without the guilt! They stored well in the fridge for times when I didn’t have energy to cook.”
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