Hi Healthy Mummy’s! I am super excited about being chosen to be one of your Motivating Mum’s for the month of July and I have lost 30kg with Lose Baby Weight.
A bit about me – My name is Tamara and I am a 27 yr old mummy to a very active and cheeky 18 month old little boy. I am married to a Navy man and live in Sydney. I work Part time in a fairly stressful job (but that I love with all my heart.)
Lose Baby Weight-30kg Loss

I have been using the Lose Baby Weight plans and products for 8 months now and they have changed my life so so much. Having been overweight my entire life and trying (and failing) so many different diets over the years, I decided enough was enough when my son was 10 months old and I was tipping the scales at 113kgs.
I didn’t want him to grow up with an unhealthy, unfit and unhappy mummy. I felt miserable that I was still wearing my maternity clothes and I wanted to wear shorts (and look ok) during summer. My goal was to be under 100kgs for my son’s 1st birthday on the 5th January 2015.
I started my Lose Baby Weight journey with the November 2014 28 day challenge and loved every bit of it. I loved not having to ‘think’ about my food, I loved the meal plans and how simple the meals were to prepare, how quick they were to cook, how yummy the food was and I loved the thought that it was only ‘28 days.’
Those 28 days though gave me the kick I needed to keep going. I saw results that I was happy with and in my first challenge I lost 5.5kgs. I was hooked then! I even managed to get through Christmas and hit my goal of 100kgs for my son’s 1st birthday.
Since then I have continued to use the 28 day challenges, and in the ‘off’ months continued to use the recipes that hubby and I love.
lose baby weight
In April I began using the Healthy Mummy Smoothie Mix and I absolutely love having my daily smoothie. I look forward to my smoothie and I crave it now.
I was worried that it wouldn’t be filling and would be like some of the others of the market but because of the many different combinations you can make and the many different fruits/veggies/nuts/whatever you want to add to it to make it a complete meal replacement; it truly is the best smoothie mix out there.
Exercise has also now become an addiction and along with the Healthy Mummy Exercise DVD and a mums and bubs fitness group twice a week; I love to walk as my main form of exercise and love pushing myself with how far I can go and beating my times.
As I get closer to my goal weight (9kgs to go), the movement on the scales is slowing down. So my goal for July is to walk. I want to walk over 80kms. I have signed up for my first 11km fun run/walk during July and I am super excited about doing this whilst pushing Mr. 18 months in the pram.
Not only am I super excited that I get to be a Motivating Mum but I am even more excited that it is during the BUDGET challenge! One of the toughest parts of being a healthy mummy is juggling the household budget whilst still providing healthy, nutritious meals for the whole family.
I am hoping that I can motivate, inspire and assist other healthy mummies out there to provide these healthy meals and stick to a tight budget.
I hope that during this month I can inspire and motivate all you lovely mummy’s out there to be the best you can and have the best July ever!
Tamara xoxox

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