walking up stairs is a great way to lose weightEven if you’re on one of our great weight loss plans we’re all human and with all the tempting foods on offer sometimes we just can’t resist. You shouldn’t feel you can’t have the occasional treat but, if you do, you’ll have to do some extra activity to balance it out if you want to keep on track with your goal of losing weight after pregnancy.
How many times do you take the elevator or the lift instead of the stairs? How many opportunities are you missing out for a bit of extra cardio?
Something we’ve started doing here at Lose Baby Weight is walking up stairs at every opportunity (or even jogging when we have extra energy).
Maybe it’s at your local shopping centre or at your work, it may not seem like much but if you want to lose stomach fat you have to take every opportunity to move that little bit more.
If you live or work in a tall building, get off one floor early, then make it two. Keep pushing yourself in little increments to improve your stamina and get your post-pregnancy weight loss really happening.
Trust us, it soon becomes second nature and before too long you’ll have killer calves too – and if you click here you can see a video of us running up stairs and how we do it.
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