lose_baby_weight_resultsHi Lose Baby Weight,
I read so many post pregnancy weight loss success stories from you each month and keep thinking that I must email you mine. So…I FINALLY am!
I had my second baby on June 2nd this year. Before children, my weight sat at around 67kg normally.
I wasn’t a big fan of exercise and I loved my yummy foods that were so full of naughty things.
After my first baby, I had 5 extra kilos to get rid of. And when I fell pregnant with baby number 2, I STILL had those extra 5kg. After number 2 was born my post-pregnancy weight loss stopped at 75kg. Not happy.
A friend on facebook suggested I have a look at Lose Baby Weight.  I was sceptical but figured that I had nothing to lose (except 10kg of course!).
So I bought your Lose Baby Weight plans and 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan and lost 3kg in the first week. I was so excited to see results so quickly. I lost 10kg over 10 weeks and have lost 14kg in total since July.
I have lost 12cm of my bust, 20cm off my waist, 21cm off my hips and 18cm of my problem area thighs! I am lighter now than I have been since I was in my early teens. I love your website with all of your fantastic recipes and motivation. I feel comfortable in my swimmers, and even in a pair of shorts. (I NEVER used to wear shorts).
But…the best thing that I have gained from your plan is knowledge. I now understand my energy requirements and know how to still have my yummy foods in moderation whilst still eating healthily and maintaining my weight.
This is the easiest plan to stick to. I have so much more energy now, which is a must with two little boys. I have been unwell over the last month and haven’t been able to exercise alot. I never thought that I would say it, but I MISS EXERCISING! Crazy right?
You have changed my life and shown me that it is possible to achieve my weight loss goals. Thank you lose baby weight team x
Tahleah Hoyle
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine.

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