Adding variety to your workout will spice things up and keep you motivated to work hard for a slimmer and fitter body, and nothing is more fun, active, relaxing and rewarding as swimming!
If you’re looking for a complete body workout then you should definitely pick up swimming as your new hobby and include it into your post pregnancy exercise plans.
Swimming is a form of cardio workout that helps you tone all the major muscle groups from head to toe. It mainly focuses on toning and firming muscles so you’ll definitely be able to achieve a super fit and sultry silhouette in no time.
The best part is that swimming is a major calorie burner because you constantly have to work hard to move forward and the water provides extra resistance to your movement.
This added resistance allows you to burn more calories when you’re swimming, and it also increases the health and well-being of your stamina, lungs and heart.
And don’t forget that it’s also good for post pregnancy mums because it’s gentle on your tender joints and it greatly reduces the risk of injury.
Not only that, swimming is also an amazing way to relax and wash your troubles away. When you’re focused in the pool it kind of puts you in a zone and your mind will clear itself out, and you’ll find yourself feeling much better!
Practicing the right rhythmic breathing patterns will help you release stress and will also make swimming easier and less tiring.
Swimming also keeps you happy because it helps your brain to release endorphins that help with relaxation and a feeling of bliss. In fact, any form of exercise that you include into your lose baby weight plans will help release these neurotransmitters to promote a happier and healthier you!
Although swimming does burn a lot of calories, don’t forget that you still need to take control of your eating habits with a healthy post pregnancy diet plan. The key to losing weight and belly fat is to always make sure that you burn more calories than you consume every day.
So, head on down to your local pool or join a swim group if you want to start adding this super effective exercise into your daily post pregnancy workout routine. You’ll see an amazing change in your physique and overall health!
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