lose_baby_weightEvery day we are lucky enough to receive lots of emails from mums about their weight loss and success – and we try to post as many of them as we can as we believe they can really help inspire other mums to get healthy too and helps them to believe in themselves.
Today a really touching and inspiring one came in from a wonderful mum called Susie – who wants to remain anonymous but who has been kind enough to share her story and her AMAZING 12kg weight loss.

Susie’s weight loss story

“Hi there – I wanted to send you an email as I am a pretty private person and although I am on your facebook page I don’t comment and wanted to let you know my feedback – without my full name being published.
I have 3 children and my youngest is 2 and a half years old. And after my third I suffered from post natal depression and after her birth gained over 10g in 12 months  – which was on top of the 18kg I had gained in pregnancy.   After 10 months of having PND I went on medication and the dark clouds started to lift and I started getting me back.
It took around 7-8 months to feel 100% better again and it was then that I decided to do something about my weight.  I then went on a series of diets that ranged from Jenny Craig, Optifast and even trying the Atkins diet. But nothing seemed to work for me and in 6 months I only lost around 2kg in total as I yo yo lost and gained and I was about to give up and accept a much rounder figure when I stumbled across the lose baby weight website.
I must say, I was really impressed from the outset. It came across as genuine, professional and personal and more than anything else I had tried this looked like it could actually help me and I loved how much support was on offer without having to pay joining fees.  Plus i liked the fact it was more of a sensible and healthy eating plan rather than a depriving diet.
I started off using the 28 Day plan which I found really easy to follow and was impressed by the fact that each of the recipes had been put together by experienced nutririonists as after I had had PND I had a better appreciation of how food can effect our body and getting the right nutrients – plus they were delicious and even my husband liked the recipes – BONUS.
I then started using the smoothies and found them to be fantastic – and since starting on the Healthy mummy smoothies 5 weeks ago I have been extremely impressed with the taste of them and the energy I have gained. Over 3 months I have now lost 12kg and I feel like I am getting my old body back and it feels great.
I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you and your team goes to create such a fantastic support system, recipes, information and a great product.  Am looking forward to losing the next 12kg and for the first time in years feel confident that I can do it and feel healthier than I have done since pre kids!
Thanks again and congratulations on such a great business”

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