motivationIf you’re a busy mum, chances are good that ‘increased energy’ is always going to hover somewhere around the top of your wish list. We lead increasingly busy lives, and as mums, often delegate ourselves to the bottom of the pile when it comes to taking care of our health and wellbeing.
Children, husbands and even pets are often given priority and when coupled with broken, it’s easy to see why many mums would hand over their morning cup of coffee (or tea) to spend a day under the doona.
When trying to lose weight or overhaul our lifestyle, having enough energy is key. When you feel strong and invigorated, you often find that you’re more motivated to eat well and incorporate exercise into your day.
When you’re tired, cranky and feeling rundown, you’re far more likely to reach for a quick fix, be it a sugary snack or an extra cup/glass of something caffeinated. Exercise also slips down to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list.
It makes sense then that taking care of your energy levels will in turn help with your weight loss and the healthy lifestyle changes you’d like to make. But how to boost (and maintain) your energy levels when you’re lifestyle isn’t going to change anytime soon?
A few simple tweaks to your day, along with a bunch of energy boosting foods and activities might just be the remedy you’ve been looking for. Read on for our top tricks and tips

Top energy boosts
  • Eat a healthy breakfast that combines complex carbs and protein. A sugar filled breakfast will only send you into a downward sugar crash a couple of hours after consumption.
  • Stretch it out – A busy day often leaves us wound as tightly as a spring. Taking a couple of minutes to stretch allows the energy being used to hold tight muscles in place to return to our bodies, and be put to much better use!
  • Get your groove on – If you’ve got a spare 15 minutes, pop in your headphones and pump up the volume of your favourite tunes. Music helps your body and mind to reset itself and helps give a much needed dose of invigoration.
  • Soak up some rays – 5 – 10 minutes in the sun both energises and elevates your mood. Just try and avoid middle of the day heat and don’t stay out too long!
  • Breathe deeply – Stress often causes our breathing to become shorter and shallower. Closing your eyes and focusing on a long inhalation and exhalation can help relax and recalibrate your body.
  • Bite into an apple – Green and red apples contain an energy boosting cocktail of complex carbs, fibre and vitamin C which helps increase energy and stabilise your blood sugar.
  • Up to H20 – Dehydration is one of the primary causes of fatigue. It’s easy to forget to sip on the clear stuff when you’re busy but carrying around a water bottle (and making sure you finish it) or making an effort to drink a glass of water every time you stop means you’ll decrease your chances of dehydration and keep your energy levels stable.

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