S&S-Capriosca-Swimwear-Retro-One-Piece-BlackAfter 7 years of selling swimsuits online I’m proud to say I’ve learned a thing or two and have been bowled over by couple of big surprises.
It’s no surprise that finding that perfect swimsuit can be difficult and very frustrating. If I was writing this 4 years ago I probably would have launched into the old “find the fruit that your body mostly resembles and match it to the cossies below.” But not now.
The trouble with that approach is that our bodies tend to resemble a fruit salad and whilst using fruit as a shape guide might have been a revelation 20 years ago, I think it’s time to move on.
The truth is, you know what will work for you. Honestly, you really do. It’s the cossie that catches your eye as you flick through the racks or scroll down the page. And it usually catches your eye for a good reason.
The problem is that you’ve been bombarded with so many negative messages about how you couldn’t possibly know what’s right, that it’s hard to find a way forward through the noise. S&S Capriosca Swimwear CRES Retro One Piece Black
The other thing that does is wobble our confidence. We all struggle with confidence at some point in our lives and for 100’s of different reasons.  It’s the hairy beast in the corner that stops us from seeing the possibilities and in many instances, from giving it a go in the first place.
But finding the right bathers, means making a start. If you’re confused or overwhelmed, just pick the one that catches your eye and don’t over think it.
Grab it and give it a go. Make it your starting point and step off from there. Swap it for another style over and over if you need to until you find the one that works best for you. Like most things that are worthwhile, persistence is often needed.S&S Capriosca Swimwear Black and White Dots Swimdress
Once you do decide to give it a go, here are a few things to help you, find yours.

  1. If you’re going to ‘pick’ then just pick on one body part. The one area that if you think you could make look better, it would make you feel better. Eg: that belly, those boobs, those hips. Please don’t go to town and pick on lots of bits, you’re never going to get there if you do.
  2. Less, in many cases, is best, particularly where bottoms are concerned. Now I’m not talking skimp, but I am talking Boylegs. They are best for those with slim pins and narrow hips. But if you are self-conscious about your upper thighs and it means the difference between getting into a cossie or not, then do it. Please. It’s far better to be out there enjoying life than sticking to tip #2.
  3. Bigger busts need support to get them up and out and adjustable straps to keep them in place. A sturdy shelf -bra or underwire will help too. And then they need to breathe, even just a little. Think of the tops that look best on you and create that neckline. Crossovers that form a ‘V’ neckline or a lower scoop-like shape are great. Again, if you have scaring or other reasons that make you really self-conscious, or it’s just not safe to do so, please cover up. This is pure line and shape aesthetics we’re talking here.
  4. Smaller busts? A triangle shape cup is fab as well as twists, ruching or frills across the front to visually give them a boost.
  5. Belly bothers? Like boobs and underwire, powermeshing or a lining under just to have you feeling a bit more supported is a good thing. A little ruching across the front and prints are fab detractors. To visually create a waist, dark side panels work well.
  6. Give yourself time and ask for help. Take a bestie with you when you shop; someone who’s going to give you an honest opinion. If that’s difficult to do, then find a store (online) with excellent returns policies and who will offer honest advice so you can swap until you get it right.

S&S Waves Wide Strap Swimdress Capriosca Swimwear
As daunting and frustrating as it can be at times, swimwear shopping should be done. Finding the cossie that gets you out there enjoying your summers, making happy memories with family and friends, is indeed summer’s Holy Grail. It’s out there and you will find it.
Here’s to your precious summer memories and your cossie quest.
Anita McLachlan
Sequins and Sand
At the helm of Sequins and Sand for the past 7 years, Anita has learned a thing or two about what women want and how they feel about getting ready for their precious summer holidays. And it’s the ‘how they feel’ about getting summer ready that she’s most passionate about. Helping women who have lost their confidence and in particular their cossie confidence, find the courage and the right swimsuit to get them off the sidelines and diving into truly enjoying their summer, is what gives her enormous joy and purpose.
That’s where you’ll find her hanging out : www.Sequinsandsand.com.au as well as on Facebook and Instagram. Just look for Sequins and Sand.
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