Imagine running by the beach to the sound of the calming waves and majestic views around you as you work hard to lose baby weight. The sand, sun and fresh air will make working out much more fun to do rather than running on the spot in the gym.
Most importantly, did you know that jogging or running on the beach helps you burn more calories compared to jogging on a normal surface?
It has been scientifically proven to burn 1.6 times more calories for every 1.5 km that you run! So, why not add some variety to your jogging routine and start going to the beach?
Burns more calories
You exert more strength and energy because it takes greater effort to run on soft sand, and when you do that you burn more calories in the same amount of time it takes on the treadmill. Resistance is increased when your foot sinks into the sand and it makes you work harder for your next stride.
All the effort that you put into moving forward will also elevate your heart rate which helps burn more calories. Not only that, the resistance also makes your bum and leg muscles work harder and you’ll see shapely curves in all the right places in no time!
Works the core muscles
The shifting and uneven surface of soft sand makes you work harder to balance yourself so you’ll be using your core muscles to keep an upright position and forward motion. Maintaining your balance also improves overall strength because it triggers smaller muscles to work together so that you don’t accidentally fall over whilst running. Also, don’t forget that working out the core muscles are one of the best ways to lose baby weight because it helps you get rid of belly fat.
Gentler on your joints
Running on soft sand takes a lot of impact off your legs and will eventually be better for your joints in the long run. But always make sure that you’re a little more careful when running on soft sand so that you don’t get any ankle injuries.
Make sure you do some stretching before you start and wear shoes with good ankle support. You can also get yourself accustomed to the sand by firstly running the flatter and firmer wet sand before gradually moving on to the dry parts of the beach.
Makes you feel good
The sight of the beautiful sun, sand and sea will lift your spirits up and helps you take your mind off the troubles of the day. Running outdoors or on the beach will also help your body absorb vitamin E from the sun and breathe in some much needed fresh air.
The different sceneries of the beach will also help you focus on jogging rather than counting the time away. And before you know it, you have already spent an hour working out!
Also, if you’re bringing your lovely baby along with you to the beach, you can also do some light running on the sand whilst pushing an all-terrain baby stroller made especially for jogging! Do take some extra care and prepare the right clothing and protection for your bub.
There are so many endless benefits of running at the beach for post pregnancy weight loss but always remember keep yourself well hydrated and apply sunscreen to protect your skin. Now, go out and start making some additions to your post pregnancy workout plan!
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