Post pregnancy is amazing experience that also elevates the responsibility of caring for your new born while still trying to lose pregnancy weight, eat healthy, exercise and most importantly, feel good! And even though you may be a way off from your pre pregnancy weight, there are plenty of ways that can help you feel confident in your clothes with minimal effort
The key to looking and feeling confident in your clothes post-maternity is finding that perfect piece of clothing that is feather light and comfortable. It is essential that you have optimum mobility as you will be dealing with a lot of movements such as cradling your baby, pushing a stroller, changing diapers, breastfeeding and all the other regular day-to-day activities that come with being a new mum.
A good trick is to always attract attention away from your postpartum bump. Use the art of distraction by wearing longer length tops like tunics, loose knits, and jumper dresses. This gives you a leaner look that draws attention away from your mid section.
On top of that, floral prints, plaids, horizontal narrow stripes and polka dots are also good ways of distracting people from focusing on your belly as it gives you more depth and texture when paired with dark coloured jeans or skirts with a waistband. Also, tops with interesting necklines, frills, pleats and embellishments can draw attention away from your waistline and highlights your radiant glowing face.
As summer time approaches, maxi dresses and skirts, and empire waist blouses will be the perfect clothing to wear to hide your post maternity tummy. These clothing items mostly nip right under your bust and flows straight down to give off the illusion of a flatter tummy.
Avoiding clothes that are too tight fitting is also a good way to avoid having unwanted bulges sticking out from different parts of your body. Look into getting skirts, jeans or pants with a stretch waistband. This will not only hinder your tummy from excessively bulging out but it also helps you move around swiftly.
Top it all off with a few accessories and pair of comfortable flats, and you’ve got the ultimate postpartum outfit! All these tips will help you get the slimmer look you crave for after childbirth but always remember to keep up a consistent exercise regimen, proper diet plan, and get plenty of rest and don’t worry about losing any weight until you feel 100% ready to do so – both physically and emotionally.
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