When it comes to exercise ALWAYS focus on what you HAVE DONE – not what you haven’t done.
The life of a Mum is busy and finding the time to perform a structured exercise routine everyday might seem completely unrealistic. There will be days when you simply can’t find the time to perform the exercise routine or you might look at the exercises and think “these exercises are not for me today”. This is perfectly normal and everyone on the 28 Day Challenge will experience one or more of these days.
The most important thing to remember is that missing a day or missing a few exercises is not the end of the World and it should be expected from time to time – after all when does anything ever go 100% to plan!
You may only complete 50% of the workouts on the challenge or maybe you’ll only complete 25% and this is perfectly OK. The most important thing is that you completed more that 0%. Everyone is different but the important thing to remember is to never give up trying.
Every time you perform an exercise you will be creating a positive impact on your overall health and just because you missed a workout or two that doesn’t mean you’ve undone all that good work.
Times when you really should skip a workout:

  1. If you’re feeling overtired, sleep deprived and generally exhausted the best thing you can do is rest your body. Working out when you feel tired can lead to poor technique and injuries.
  2. Exercising when your muscles feel sore can do more harm than good. If you work your muscles too hard too quickly they can breakdown and take twice as long to recover. Never overwork sore muscles.
  3. Never exercise when you feel unwell. The last thing your body needs when you feel sick is to be put under the strain of exercise and this will only serve to slow down your recovery.

Focus on what you CAN do – not what you Can’t Do!
This challenge is about YOU with a focus on what YOU can do – not what anyone else can do. This is why it’s so important to take every workout one day at a time and record your results so that you can see what you’ve achieved.