I was contacted by Lina a few weeks ago and was blown away at her fantastic blog and how she has now lost her baby weight and is now training for a marathon – GO LINA!
Lina has very kindly written a blog for us at Lose Baby Weight – you will see it in italics below – so she can share with us all her journey and tips – which are fantastic and I hope will encourage everyone to get fit and get healthy as well as set yourself a challenge and know that you can lose your baby weight if you set your mind to it – and please check out our plans if you need some help.
lose_pregnancy_weightHello, Sister!
I had my first baby 3 months ago, and I’m very happy to say that I’m pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Importantly, I’m feeling great and loving all the challenges and joys this new life is bringing me. I’ve lost about 15 kilos. And just this weekend, I ran (very slowly!) 15 km in preparation for my first marathon by December 2011.
Getting into shape post-pregnancy, is a very personal and individual journey for each woman. My goal to run a marathon is also very personal to me.
The purpose of this article is simply, to share with you what makes me get up in the morning, put on those shoes, and go for a run – even when it all seems too hard.
1.     Know your WHY and make it BIG enough – If your reason for doing something is BIG enough, the HOW will work itself out. I’ve always wanted to run a marathon for my own personal growth. Now, I want to do it for my son and to help me know myself as a mother. I’m also running for a bigger purpose: To support maternal health & well-being. These reasons alone, are enough to keep me focussed.
2.     Don’t Think, Just Do – All of a sudden, when it comes to doing something difficult, we become world-class negotiators with ourselves! You know, those thoughts: I’ll start tomorrow. I’m too tired. It’s too hard. It’s better not to enter into these conversations at all. Just cut it off, as soon as you hear the very convincing, and highly-skilled, rationalising begin.
3.     Start – The trick is to JUST START. Take the FIRST step, whatever it is. Make that phone call. Throw out the junk food. Put one foot in front of the other. Just do it (and remember, Step 2).
4.     Start small – Once you start, start small. Even if the first step is as simple as putting on your sneakers. Then, make it your goal to walk to the door. All of a sudden, you’ve stepped outside the house. Voila! You’re going for a walk.
5.     Schedule it in – Yes, you do have to make time for yourself. Something mums aren’t very good at doing. Pick a time and commit. If you’ve made it a priority and done at least Step 1, you WILL make the time.
6.     Keep yourself accountable – I’ve purposely written this article and shared my goal on facebook. Now, I CAN’T turn back. Yes, this public announcement is frightening for me. But, I know it’ll keep me accountable. Do what it takes for you, so that you can’t back out.
7.     Celebrate – Cheer yourself on and celebrate your victories, just as you would for your child when they achieve something. That reminds me – I’m going to celebrate my 15km run, by buying myself a ticket to that spiritual conference I want to go to.
From one mum to another: All the best with your health & well-being goals. And remember, to be Kind To Yourself.
To read about how Lina keeps balanced, healthy and true to herself, check out her blog where she shares her motherhood journey: MothersLoveLetters.com.
If you need help losing your weight please see our Lose 12kg in 12 Week Challenge which will help you achieve your goals and stay focused