healthy_eatingIt’s great if you can get away for the weekend, especially when it’s a long weekend in warm weather.
But for many of us, being away from the comforts and routine of home can mean your healthy eating and exercise goes out the window.
Today we have 5 tips to help you stay focused this long weekend.

Don’t let the car turn into a fast food wasteland

So many people seem to subscribe to the idea that what you eat in the car on a roadtrip somehow ‘doesn’t count’ and that it’s OK to eat junk as there are no healthy options available.
Well the truth is, while the healthy options are not as easy to find as the burgers, chips and ice creams – they are still out there.
If you haven’t got the time or energy to pack some healthy car snacks you can often find good options on the highway.
Prepacked sandwiches (choose wholegrain, avoid creamy dressings and go heavy on the salad), yoghurt pots, packs of nuts or seeds, sparkling water, wholegrain toast, or some chopped up fruit tubs are all great options.

There’s no need to buy all of your meals and snacks on the go

Just because you are going away doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on convenience food. You will still get hungry and need 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, so why not bring at least some of them with you (or stock up from the local shop).
Sure, it might be easier to grab a chocolate muffin from the café on the way to the park, but if instead you pull out a tub of chopped and chilled watermelon, both you and the kids will be just as happy (without the calories, fat and sugar in the less than healthy cake option).

Plan some healthy family activities

There’s no need for the long weekend to mean lazing around watching TV. Use your ample time to schedule in some fun activities such as a bush walk, trip to the beach or a family bike ride.
By taking part in some exercise each day you can still keep up your healthy workouts even if they are a little different to what you might do at home.

Remember that it’s not your last meal

So often when we are away from home, our ideas of portion control and healthy choices get taken over by the idea of ordering something really wonderful from the menu.
For some reason, the idea of ordering a soup or a salad when you are at a pub bistro seems like you will be missing out on the (calorific) options like Chicken Parmigiana or Fish and Chips.
And sure, by all means tuck in if you feel that you really really want it. But remember that there will be other meals to enjoy that weekend, and all in all it will make you feel better afterwards if you’ve made a healthier choice.
Pub bistros can be hard but there are often healthier options if you look out for them, such as a Thai Beef Salad or even a Veggie Burger packed with salad.

Be prepared with some healthy breakfast options

It’s unlikely that you will be taking your blender for your smoothies to the campsite or motel you are heading off to, so you will need to prepare some other breakfast options.
Eggs are always a great option and can be prepared in the microwave or on a camp oven if necessary.
For microwave scrambled eggs, whisk up 2 eggs per person with a splash of milk. Cook on med/high setting, stirring every minute or so, until firm.
Take some healthy wholegrain bread that you can use for toast or sandwiches for your eggs and you won’t end up succumbing to a less than healthy option from the local cafe. Head there later and order yourself a great cup of coffee instead.
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