If there’s one thing that can throw your weight loss progress right off course, it’s catching a cold or being struck down with the flu. While Doctors generally agree that it’s ok to exercise with a slight case of the sniffles, it’s recommended that anything that involves full blown symptoms be treated seriously and with a break from working out.  how to beat the flu this week
This can be frustrating, especially when you’ve found yourself with a good routine that’s working well and helping you to achieve your weight loss goals. Illness can also spell disaster for families in general as once one person is struck down, the virus tends to make its way through everyone else with lightning speed.  We have the low down and the truth about colds and the flu here.
Luckily, there are a few natural ways to help ward off the bugs and keep yourself (and your family) fighting fit throughout winter.

1. Eat well

A wide variety of healthy food is one of the best ways to help bolster your immune system. Choose foods that are packed with vitamins and that have potent, anti-inflammatory properties. Great choices include:

  • Oranges for vitamin C
  • Garlic and ginger for their flu fighting power
  • Seeds and nuts for their high levels of zinc which helps stave off colds


2. Stay warm and relaxed

While hibernating for the whole of winter isn’t really a viable option these days, taking time to de-stress and scaling back on your activities can help prevent an outbreak of sniffles. Research has shown that stress actually lowers your levels of disease-fighting antibodies, meaning that bugs can take hold much more easily when we’re feeling the pressure. While a certain level of stress is common place these days, try one of the following to reduce your levels and stay well:

  • Meditation – Recent studies have indicated that regular meditative practice can help your body to produce beneficial, disease fighting antibodies. Just 10 minutes a day is enough to help calm your mind and balance stress levels.
  • Taking time out – While moments to yourself might be rare, try and make the most of those that you do get and put your feet up.
  • Warming up – Relaxing once the kids are in bed with a hot cuppa is great for your stress levels AND your health. Stock up on some caffeine free herbal teas and get sipping!

3. Make the most of snooze time

The days of uninterrupted nights and long lie ins might be a thing of the past but trying to prioritise your rest is important for your health. Research has shown that getting less than 7 hours sleep a night, on a regular basis, lowers your immunity and increases your susceptibility to viruses. While we can’t control our kids sleeping patterns try some of these suggestions for maximising your snooze time:

  • Keep to a schedule – Setting yourself a regular bedtime and wake up time can help you body get into an established routine so that it becomes familiar with when it should (and shouldn’t) be sleeping.
  • Wind down – Make time to wind down in the hour before you hit the sack. Turning off the TV, unplugging from the net and generally allowing your body to relax will help promote easy and restful sleep.

4. Banish bugs

It may be impossible to avoid cold and flu bugs altogether but employing a few easy strategies can minimise your exposure.

  • Wash your hands regularly – We make contact with hundreds of contaminated surfaces everyday. Regularly washing your hands, especially after returning home or riding public transport can help stop the transfer in its tracks.
  • Stock up on antibacterial wipes – Surfaces that see lots of traffic (door handles, light switches etc) need regular cleaning to prevent them becoming a flu hotspot. Try wiping them over every second day with an antibacterial wipe.
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