I have been on many weight loss journeys, but none have sustained any kind of weight loss.  I turned to the Lose Baby Weight weight loss plan as it seemed like a weight loss plan that could help me, without me feeling like I am missing out on food – and I LOVE food – and so far I have lost 9kg
Putting my weight down in writing and showing people photos is a scary concept for me.  I have never been happy with my weight – but it is time to change that and be proud of how far I have come.  Sharing motivation tips, and the ups and downs will help us all reach our next goals.
After the birth of my second child way back in July 2012 I was horrified to see I had ballooned up to 119 kilos.  I was completely ignorant – despite being larger all my life, this was a shock.  I hated photos of me and I refused to get in any photos with the kids.
I used to skip breakfast – every single day.  But of course then I would snack on naughty biscuits until lunch time. Now there are no excuses and I actually look forward to my healthy mummy smoothies each morning.  I then got stuck in a rut when it was time to go back to work and didn’t know how I could take the smoothie with me to work for breakfast – until someone pointed out that I could put it in a thermos and take it.  Perfect – yet another excuse kicked to the curb.
I have now gotten back into exercise and found something that works for me.  I have been getting off the train twice a week at Flinders Street in Melbourne CBD and walking to my client in East Richmond.  It refreshes me (even after a horrible nights sleep) and really sets me up for the day.  3km done without even thinking.
Then I have found a fabulous workout class in Melbourne that is 30 minutes of high intensity interval training.  So again – twice a week, I go there before work, do 30 minutes and I am on the train to work (albeit a bit stinky).  I have a wash at work and do my hair and makeup there.  I am definitely not a morning person, and I even sleep in all my workout gear the night before.  Whatever helps me to save time is a must for me.
One of my horrible habits – is snack eating in secret.  To combat this I have looked up the LBW website and found a fabulous oat bran muffin recipe.  I make a big batch and freeze into single portions and put in snap lock bags.  Even my kids like the muffins as they think it is mummy making little cakes.  Little do they know.
Planning is now a huge part of my week.  I do a big batch of cooking on a Sunday – and then divide everything into portions and freeze them.  That way I have meals cooked for dinner each week and there is no need to think about takeaway foods – no matter how late I am running after work and doing the child care pickup.
I have also started to think about what is in my grocery trolley.  I no longer buy chips and chocolate – just in case we have visitors.  I buy rice crackers and more fruit – so if I want a snack or have guests visit – that is what I offer.  Removing the temptations has done wonders for my sugar cravings.
For me – it is about knocking the excuses out of the way and finding things that work with my lifestyle.
I have also started writing down my goals for the week (so that I am more accountable), so these are mine for this week:
Do 3 exercise classes this week
To eat a fresh home cooked meal each and every night
Play with my kids outside on the weekend (incidental exercise is a huge part of my weight loss journey)
I haven’t weighed under 100 kilos since I was married which is 5 years ago – so that is my next big goal.
Looking forward to sharing my journey x
Stacey Price
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