I cannot remember a time in my entire life that I was not overweight and bigger than all of my friends.
I was always an active child and played sport twice a week, if not more – however now that I look back, I realise I ate large portions (even of healthy food) and constantly snacked on the wrong foods.
At the time, whenever my weight got me down (which was often) I would then turn to my trusty friends – Cadbury, take away, biscuits or chips.
After the birth of my second child in July 2012, I was determined to feel good about myself and turned to Lose Baby Weight to help me.  I must admit – I was sceptical.  I have never kept on a “diet” or health regime longer than a week, but I was desperate.
I actually ended up starting your plans  during my pregnancy as I had severe morning sickness and was struggling to eat anything.  I wanted to try and eat something that had the nutrients I needed to keep up with my toddler, whilst feeling so sick.
Then once little James was born in July, I continued having just a healthy mummy smoothie at breakfast time – as this was my worst eating time, but I still often gave in to temptations at every opportunity.  I would often skip breakfast and then snack on all kinds of naughty things throughout the day.
When James was approx 2 months old – I was diagnosed with a 20cm blood clot in my leg.  I was unable to move without pain.  All the simple things made me cry in pain – standing up to change a nappy, standing in the shower, walking – anything that involved moving my leg.  Well this was my wake up call.
At 34 years of age, the thought of not watching my kids grow up made me reassess my eating habits.
In the past 9 weeks I have used the pedometer, along with your eating plan, recipes and daily tips – and I am approx 8 kilos lighter and on November 25th I completed my first ever mini “fun” triathlon.
It was 150m swim, 7km bike ride and a 1.5km run.  I am so proud of my efforts.  I was towards the back of the field, but for me, finishing was such an accomplishment and a show of how far I have come.
9 weeks ago I could hardly move but now for the first time ever, I feel confident that I am doing something positive about my weight  and finally the scales are going in the right direction – DOWN !
It will be a long journey as I still have approx 20 kilos to lose to be considered in a healthy weight range, but slow and steady wins the race.
I am confident I will get there and I now have the skills and knowledge to make the right food choices, without depriving myself of great tasting food.  I love the healthy mummy smoothies and I love making healthy food options that the whole family (including my toddler) can eat and enjoy.
I can’t thank you and your team enough.
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