‘Thanks for the opportunity to share my story.
I’m still working through my weight loss journey but thought I’d share where I’m at so far.
In August last year, I walked into the hospital weighing 81kg and gave birth to my beautiful baby girl.
For the next few months, the weight just seemed to fall off, but then the exhaustion and bad eating habits caught up with me and the weight piled back on.
The realisation that I needed to do something came in February when I was trying on bridesmaid dresses and I couldn’t even comment on whether I liked the dress because I was too unhappy with the image staring back at me.
lose_baby_weightI came across the Lose Baby Weight products on Facebook and decided that anything that was designed for breastfeeding mums must be based on sound eating principles rather than the quick fix approach.
It took a few more weeks to get myself in the right mindset to start the journey and in March I bought the 28 Day Plan and got started.
For me, I knew there was no point launching into a complete diet and exercise change – I would only give up because it was too much too soon.
So I started with the diet and as I started to feel healthier and more energetic, adding some exercise seemed natural.
After completing the 28 day plan I tried to carry through the healthy eating principles I’d learned and I’m proud to say that since returning to work in April, I haven’t purchased my lunch once – something I used to do everyday!
I also make much healthier decisions when we go out for dinner each week.
I decided to do the 28 Day Plan again in June to give my weight loss another kick after some bad eating over my ‘Birthday week’.
I’m now 9kg lighter than when I started back in March, and 18 kg lighter than when I walked into the hospital.
I feel much fitter, happier and healthier and I look forward to my morning walks with my daughter or jogs on the treadmill with anticipation rather than trepidation.
I have officially lost all my baby weight (plus an extra 2kg) but I still have a few kilos and centimetres to shift to reach my goal weight.
The photo on the left shows me at 72kg on the day I started the 28 Day Plan
The photo on the right shows me today at 63kg.’
– Stacey Matthews
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