Eat_out_weight_lossSocialising on your weight loss plan can be a real stumbling block when losing weight and whether it is involves meeting friends for a coffee or lunch or having a dinner out there are ways to still have a social life and still lose your baby weight.
Firstly, you have to believe you can do it and be committed to the cause and not use going out for a lunch or a coffee as an excuse to eat bad food and then blame it on the fact that you had to go out – that is just your mind finding an excuse to eat the cake or the chips and you need to be strong.

When you are going out make sure you research the places you are going  – look at the menus on line and make sure you know your plan of attack when you get there.
Here are some easy to follow tips:

  • Don’t eat the bread when you get there
  • Drink water with fresh lime
  • If you have to have an alcoholic drink go for a white wine spirtzer or vodka soda
  • Order salads as your main dish with dressing on the side
  • Order Steamed vegetables as a side dish
  • Always ask for gravy or sauces on the side
  • Avoid any curry or fried foods and never have pork belly!
  • Vegetarian options are usually healthier
  • Stay away from creamy pasta sauces
  • Order plain foods without rich sauces
  • Order fish over meat
  • Go for fruit salads as deserts
  • Have a skinny latte not a cappacino

It is also really helpful to tell your friends about your weight loss so they support you over lunch or coffees and don’t try and tempt you with bad foods! Another great tip is to take your thongs or trainers with you so you walk home to walk off the lunch or coffees and will be sure to give you an big extra confidence boost and give you the knowledge that you can still socialize and lose weight on the Lose Baby Weight Plans!