Sneaky Workouts While You Play With Your BubExercising is something everyone knows they should do.
It’s funny when you see someone who is running down the street, or you talk to a friend who is committed  to a fitness program you can’t help but admire them. And yet, despite the admiration and feelings of envy a fit person sometimes evokes in us, the word ‘exercise’ can still fill us with dread.
But that’s ok. If we know our weaknesses we can get around them, one way or another.
Some of us associate exercise and workouts with boredom and some of us are great at sabotaging ourselves as soon as the word ‘exercise is mentioned’. 
If it helps you we don’t have to ever use the word exercise again. Instead we could call it ‘things that increase our heart-rate and make us lose weight quickly’, but I guess that’s not very snappy. How about ‘things that puff me out?’ OK, that’s not very motivational. Well, why don’t we make a pact that we won’t give it a name at all. We’ll just do it sneakily, without our anti-exercise issues ever coming into play (oops I used the ‘e’ word again!).
The best way to lose weight is the way that works for you. Like we say time and time again, it doesn’t matter what you do, just as long as you do something. Your goal to losing weight after pregnancy depends on it. And if you need some help please take a look at our 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan which can really help.
So since your bub is your main constant in your life, let’s find some things we can do that will turn your routine into a game that will get you the leaner results you really want… without ever using that naughty ‘e’ word again!
Feeding Time: Every time you are in the kitchen to make bub’s next meal go to the kitchen and grab two tins of baked beans and work your arm muscles 20 times or until the bottle/meal is ready. Plus do 20 squats before eating every meal
Burping Time: Every time you finish feeding your bub and they need burping do it on the go. Carry them from between the front door to the back door until they’re done.
Play Time: Every time baby is ready for some play time, you lay on the floor and lift baby up and then down for a kiss. It’s great for your arms and it’s great for some bonding time. When your bub gets to about 18 months you can change it up: sit on a chair and place bub on your feet, hold their hands and then lift your legs up and down until your thighs burn.
Sleep Time: When you put bub down and if you hear them grizzle, before you go to check on them, put your hands flat against the wall and do 20 vertical pushups until they settle down.
Don’t forget if you can’t feel anything, then you’re not working hard enough. Make the stretch a little longer, make the weight a little heavier. Keep moving and sneak some fitness into your normal life and we’ll never say the ‘e’ word again (probably) and if you need some tips on the stomach fat area click here
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