healthy_eatingIf you’re about to have a baby, you’ve probably already packed the eensie weensie onesies, and the teeny tiny nappies into your bag to take to hospital.
But have you thought about some healthy eating snacks to pack for yourself?
Those early days of motherhood while you’re recovering in hospital can quickly pass by in a blur of love, cuddles, breastfeeding, crying, and visitors.
But keeping your strength up with healthy eating is really important for your recovery as well as for your baby.
Hospital food isn’t well known for its superb flavour or nutrition, so it’s a good idea to pack a few snacks into your bag for when hunger strikes (which can happen at 2am).
Today we have 6 of our favourite new-mum snacks that you could try out.

  • Home made lactation cookies – these little beauties not only taste delicious, they contain brewer’s yeast which has been found to assist with milk production. Make some before you go in (or better yet, get your partner to make them!) and enjoy with a glass of milk.
  • Almonds, cashews or walnuts – a good protein hit to fill a rumbling tum. Plus they provide a good source of omega-3’s which can aid breast milk production.
  • Greek or natural yoghurt – full of calcium and protein, yoghurt will keep you feeling full and you can satisfy a sweet craving by topping with some blueberries or strawberries.
  • Cheese and crackers – keep a wedge of low fat cheese in your hospital fridge and enjoy with some grainy crackers for a satisfying snack while you gaze at your bundle of joy.
  • Fresh fruit – if a friend asks if you need anything, asking for fresh fruit is a great option (rather than a kilo of Dairy Milk). Snack on some chilled grapes, a nectarine, crunchy apples or a filling banana and enjoy the natural sweetness.
  • Trail mix – make your own fun trail mix of nuts (almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts), seeds (pumpkin, linseeds), air popped popcorn, chopped dates and maybe even a handful of dark chocolate chips. Perfect to nibble on while you offer a midnight feed to your little one.

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