healthy_eatingI don’t know about you, but when I get hungry I can lose all sense of reason.
I start to feel a little dizzy and panicked, and then I reach for whatever is closest to me and devour it.
This is extra risky behaviour when you are out and about.
Food courts, convenience stores, petrol stations, cafes and even supermarkets can be very dangerous indeed when hunger strikes.
They are chock full of bad options – chocolate bars, soft drinks, biscuits, chips and the dreaded donuts.
And when you are trying to lose weight and follow a healthy eating plan, this is even more risky!
So here are some ideas for healthy food options that you can go for when you get caught out without a pre-packed snack or meal in your bag.

  • Food court: most now have a sushi bar or a place that does nice salads. Go for some beef or chicken sushi, but avoid things like chicken katsu as that’s just a fancy word for (deep fried) chicken schnitzel. If you choose a salad, be sure to include some healthy protein (chicken, beef, tuna), some good fats (cheese, avocado) and a low fat dressing such as vinaigrette. To drink, how about a skim latte.
  • Convenience store: avoid the chocolate and chip aisle altogether! You can normally get a half decent (albeit pre-made) sandwich from a convenience store these days. You could choose a wholegrain chicken salad sandwich and a small carton of natural yoghurt.
  • Petrol station: it is important not to get into the habit of buying something every time you fill up. But if you find yourself ravenous near the BP, a small packet of nuts and a sparkling mineral water should help.
  • Supermarket: your mother was right, don’t go shopping when you’re hungry. But if the only option for a snack is a supermarket, you can’t go wrong with a fresh fruit option such as a banana, an apple, or some pre-chopped melon and a big bottle of water.
  • Café: don’t let the glass cabinet of cake win! Stick to your healthy eating plan and order some wholegrain toast and a pot of tea.

Want more ideas? Here is a list of ten snacks that are 100 calories or less.
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