lose_baby_weightWhen you are trying to lose weight, one of the key components is upping your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.
For many people, grabbing a smoothie or a juice on the go is a convenient way to do this.
But many people are not sure what is the better option – a smoothie or a juice?
Both definitely have their merits.
The main difference is that a juicer removes the juice from fruits and vegetables, and leaves the pulp behind.
In a smoothie, everything is tossed into the blender whole. And of course, a smoothie traditionally has other ingredients such as milk or yoghurt added.
So fibre is what’s missing in a freshly squeezed juice. Fibre is found in the pulp and skin of fruits and vegetables (i.e. the stuff that’s left behind in the juice extractor).
Fibre is an essential component of a healthy diet, and is great for weight loss.
It’s also something that a lot of people aren’t consuming enough of each day.
Fibre fills you up – and keeps you fuller for longer. It also assists with digesting your food and keeps your regular.
Have you ever noticed how you can comfortably drink a large freshly squeezed juice (and some juice bars offer serving sizes of around 650ml) while you might struggle to down the same amount of smoothie or the equivalent amount of whole fruit?
Or perhaps you could easily drink a large fresh OJ along with your lunch, while you would be hard pressed to fit in a smoothie AND a sandwich.
As well as the milk or yoghurt in the smoothie, the fibre component adds to the feeling of satiety, which means you don’t have the urge to drink more and more of the smoothie (which is often the case with juice – some people feel hungry soon afterwards).
But it’s also important to know what’s going into your smoothie. When you make your Healthy Mummy Smoothies at home, you know exactly what’s going in the blender.
But if you were to walk into a café and order a smoothie, you’ll often find that it contains things like ice cream, flavoured/sweetened yoghurts, or fruit juice from a packet. These drinks are OK as a one off or special treat but are not ideal for regular consumption.
The great thing about the Healthy Mummy Smoothie range is that it also contains protein – which, like fibre, helps to keep you fuller for longer. Juices don’t contain as much protein as the smoothies in this instance. In fact, our smoothies contain over 25 vitamins and minerals, specifically chosen to help you lose weight.
If you are going to enjoy a freshly squeezed juice, it’s a great idea to choose mostly vegetable based juices – such as beetroot, carrot, celery and ginger.
This way you avoid loading up on a lot of sugar and are also adding to your recommended vegetable servings for the day.
A purely fruit based juice can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels, leaving you heading towards the inevitable sugar crash later. The other thing to keep in mind is that processed juice (the kind you buy off the supermarket shelves) often contains a lot of added sugar, which makes it not ideal for those of us trying to lose weight.
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