“I would just like to take this opportunity to say how much I love the Healthy Mummy smoothies. Now I don’t skip breakfast because I know what I will be making and I don’t need to think about it.
My 13 month old son loves the smoothies . He will stand next to me and pull at my legs until I give him some on a spoon. He will stand next to me until I have finished the glass and we have shared the smoothie together. When the smoothie is finished he gets really upset. It’s very cute.
Then there’s my husband who works in the building trade so he really needs lots of energy and he is up at 4am in the morning. He also started drinking the Healthy Mummy smoothies recently and finds them filling. So yes that means the blender is on at around 4am every day.
My husband has even gone to the extreme of finding an Australian site that sell organic frozen fruits and they deliver to the home and reasonably priced (they are called 1300berries.com.au). They even have frozen paw paws, and mangoes, not just berries.
I don’t need to lose weight now as I have returned to my pre baby weight , nor does my husband but I do have a little jelly belly which I have noticed is toning up with exercise and reducing the amount of sugar and eating healthy.
So thank you Rhian for creating a great product that the whole family loves.
Olivia xxx”
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