Sleep To Lose Weight
As much as staying alert and on your toes is important when you are a mother, taking a break and getting rest is equally important. Ensuring you get enough rest and sleep after giving birth is of utmost importance.
Mothers who suffer from sleep deprivation after giving birth or do not get enough rest and sleep will see that not just their health is negatively affected but if they are on a weight loss plan that will also not yield the desired result.
As the body undergoes changes it is common to experience pain and soreness. Hence, sleep forms a big part of recovery post the birth of your child. In fact if you aim to lose weight fast, lack of sleep can also upset plans to manage your weight loss plan after pregnancy.
Thus, those mothers aiming for a fast weight loss post pregnancy should remember to not just get enough nutrition and exercise but sleep as well – and getting some sleep when your baby naps in the day is always a great idea
In fact studies show that sleep predisposes to obesity. As per studies, lack of sleep makes the brain very prone to food stimuli which cause the individual to over-eat. This can explain those unnecessary visits to the kitchen after each time you change your baby at night and cannot fall asleep.
Thus, when on a weight loss plan, sleep is an equal and very vital part. Our Healthy Mummy smoothies are also a great source of nutrition that help nourish your body and also keep its metabolism high. Combine our healthy mummy smoothies and include gentle exercise and ensure you get just the right amount of sleep and watch yourself shed those kilos.
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