The common notion in postpartum recovery is to get sleep anywhere and anytime you possibly can. Sleep irregularity due to having a new baby can also lead to mood swings which consequently affect your eating habits and daily diet plans.
According to a study by Kaiser Permanente and Harvard Medical School, post pregnancy women who don’t get enough sleep (5 hours or less a day) are more likely to have weight retention issues. In another related study by the Mayo Clinic, it is reported that sleep deprivation leads to a higher appetite which eventually leads to weight gain. This happens because the small amount of sleep you get stimulates hormonal changes in your body which causes the increase in appetite.
Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a day and to take quick snoozes in between caring for your baby and yourself. Getting more sleep also re-energises your body, mind and spirit and sets in you in the right frame of mind to accomplish more in your daily routine including attending to your little one and planning the most suitable diet and weight loss exercises.
Parenting and caring for your newborn is a beautiful experience that should be shared between you and your partner. So, get your partner involved in the upbringing of your child and reward yourself with some nap time!
Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help when caring for your newborn as you can get trusted relatives and friends to help look after your baby in small intervals during the day. This will eventually free up more time to do the things you’ve set out to accomplish such as resting and doing your daily weight loss exercises and preparing a healthy meal for yourself. Alternatively, to reduce stress and save energy, get them to help out with chores like cooking, washing and grocery runs.
Most importantly, enjoy the spiritually rewarding journey of looking after your newborn as this is will be an experience unlike any other! Finally, remember to keep up your routine of always preparing a good diet plan and sneak in an adequate amount of exercise to keep your body functioning at its peak level and to lose tummy fat to regain that beautiful figure that you’ve always had.
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