Skip Rope
We believe that simple, safe, and quick calorie burning exercises are perfect for new mums as part of their weight loss program.  These types of exercises would be very helpful during days that you have so much on your plate.  In the age of modern commercial gym memberships and fancy machines, there are still traditional exercises that can come very effective.
They can also be portable, practical, and perfect for busy new mums.  Skipping rope is one of these tried and tested exercises that are proven to be effective in burning calories and losing weight.
The beauty of this exercise is that it is portable and affordable.  All one needs to do this properly is a decent skip rope, and maybe a good pair of runners.   This can also be time efficient as the rate of calories it burns is equivalent to running a few kilometers as quick as 8 min; therefore it’s a great exercise to lose weight quickly.
It also burns much more calories than all other usual exercises such as aerobic step classes, running, biking, kickboxing, or dancing.  Skipping rope is also a good choice for someone who is starting a fitness regime as it does not involve as much endurance to maintain a fast running speed for an extended period of time.  It obviously takes very little space compared to buying or renting a treadmill at home.   Also, the high-impact nature of this workout means you’ll add bone mass which is good for your overall bone health.
One of the best things about skipping rope is that it does not need much training to successfully do.  All one needs is to flip the rope and start skipping.  Here are some of important guidelines you need to know to effectively and safely do this exercise.
Find the right rope:
It sounds very simple, but finding the right rope is the key to safety and efficiency in skipping rope.  The factors to check are definitely not the brand or look of the rope. There are great ropes available for less than $5 at local stores. The main thing to look for is whether the rope turns freely inside the handle because if the rope gets caught up easily then it will make jumping very difficult.
Have a preference for plastic ropes and avoid cloth ropes since they’re usually too lightweight and don’t rotate well.
Make sure the rope you buy is of the right length. Test it by standing on the middle of the rope with both feet and stepping on it.  A good rope length has handles that reach to just under your arm pits. Be careful not to train with a rope that is too short as it will just cause trips and can be an accident hazard.

Skip Rope

The Correct Jumping Form:
Start the jump on the balls of your feet with your knees slightly bent. Try not to let your heels touch the ground as much as possible to avoid hurting your ankles. Jumping flat footed may damage your knees and should be avoided.  Jumping flat footed also requires much more energy for you so it will make you tired more quickly.  Remember never to lock your knees, toes and ankles.  The goal is to be fluid and relax while jumping.
The most important skill to master is the single bounce. This is a foundational move for this exercise.  Maintain about 1/4 – 1/2 an inch off the ground and you should be landing softly on your toes. Keep your elbows in, by your side and turn the rope with your wrists and not your arms.
Avoid taking higher jumps than needed, and avoid large movements to conserve your energy.  Doing smaller movements helps you conserve your energy and exercise more efficiently.   Always aim to lower your jump and bring your arms down as a priority while training.
The Best Place to Exercise:
The surface where you do your skip rope greatly affects your performance.  Soft surfaces like grass or carpet will always make your rope bounce.  It is not advisable that you do this at the beginning as you would need much more energy to jump higher than normal.  Find any flat surface in your house, such as the pavement, wood or tiles.  Find a suspended wood floor, such as a porch with a wooden floor near a beach for your exercise.  This would be perfect for your joints as it can give you an extra bounce.
Your goal is to jump properly, smoothly, and consecutively with smaller movements and a constant pace.  Some skills may feel unnatural at first.  But just like most weight loss plans and exercises, the key to proficiency is consistency.  If you practice them properly, your body will input that into muscle memory and it will become second nature in no time.  You can also incorporate these skips into sets like on or before jogging or playing with your little one to add variation to your routines.  Do this regularly and you can be sure of losing weight and living healthy in no time.
Notice that this exercise usually demands a bit more intensity than usual.   This is usually done by mums who are already comfortable doing runs, and lunges.  Getting a clearance from your lead maternity caregiver or your doctor is essential just as in all exercises for you to stay safe and healthy while you push the boundaries of losing baby weight and living a healthier lifestyle.