The healthy eating meal plans from the July 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge have been designed to be budget friendly as well as ideal for the colder Winter months.
There are a lot of stews, soups and meals that can be turned into others if extras are made.
healthy eating recipes
You can customise your meal plan to suit your requirements and how many you’d like to cook for and there are some recipes that have a set serve size as they’re best prepared in a larger quantity to either freeze for another day or to use leftovers for another meal.
Get organised the week before each meal plan commences and work out what you’re going to prepare, what shopping you need to do for those recipes and what you can cook ahead of time so you save time during those busy days.
Set aside an afternoon on the weekend or a few days before the first week starts and do even just a couple of the below food prep tips to get your organised healthy eating underway for Week 1:

  • Make the Homemade Beetroot Dip – this serves 2 but you could double the recipe so you can enjoy it a few times throughout the week.
  • Make the Moroccan Beef Tagine – this recipe serves 2 but again you could double or triple this delicious stew and put individual serve sizes in air tight containers to reheat for dinners or freeze and have during another week of the Challenge.
  • Make the Pear & Ginger Chia Pudding – this makes 3 serves so you can keep them in the fridge and have healthy snacks easily on hand when you need them.
  • Prepare the Veggie Baked Beans and make at least a double serve of this as the base of this recipe is used in the Bean & Bacon Soup recipe so you’ll have that meal almost prepared at the same time.
  • Make a batch of the Muesli Cookies and when completely cool, store in an air tight jar in the pantry to have as healthy snacks with herbal tea during the week.
  • Prepare the Lamb Shanks recipe. This is set to serve 2 but you could increase quantities and have leftovers to freeze for another meal throughout the Challenge.
  • Getting the kids involved in food prep is a great way to get them interested in healthy eating too – they can chop, peel and stir and be involved with the family’s healthy eating.

Remember – you don’t have to do everything in the above list, even just choosing to prepare a couple of meals and snacks ahead of time will get you ahead of the game when it comes to healthy eating during Week 1.
healthy eating meal plans