A HUGE thank you to Sharon Estherfield from NSW for sending in her fantastic weight loss results. It is fantastic to be able to share these success stories so other mums can be inspired to do the same. Well done Sharon!
“Hi Rhian, I just wanted to send you an email as I am happier and have more confidence than I have had in years – and it is all thanks to Lose Baby Weight.
I have one child – a little boy who is 19 months old.  I put on over 25kg when I was pregnant and I just couldn’t seem to lose the weight so I ended up giving up trying and decided to live with a larger me. 
But although it felt good that I wasn’t having to try and lose weight any more I did feel down about my weight and I hated meeting old friends as I was so much bigger than I used to be and none of my clothes fitted me – except from my maternity clothes 🙁
But in Jan I came across your facebook page and after a few weeks of following your page and seeing the results from other mums I thought I would give it a go. And I am so pleased I did!!! I started on Jan 30 and as of March 5 I have lost 7kg!!!!
I honestly cannot believe it! I have been doing one smoothie for breakfast and using the 28 Day Plan too. I love how easy it all is and I love how tasty the recipes are – even my husband is liking the evening meal!  I try and do two smoothies a day but if I am out I take leftover dinner from the night before with me.
I feel so much healthier and although I have another 18kg to get to my goal weight I know I can now do it. I have told all my friends about your plan and how easy it all is to follow so thank you for all the support and the daily tips and motivation really keep me on track.
Looking forward to reaching my goal weight and sending in my photos, Thanks again Sharon”
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