Hi Lose Baby Weight,
I finally feel I am able to share my weight loss story, I am still “Work In Progress” but I really want to thank the team at Lose Baby Weight, for a product and weight loss plan that has finally helped me shift my baby weight and I know it will help be to get to my goal weight – eventually
I guess at the age of 18, the lightest I can remember being is 75kg, But I was always fit and active and even represented the state in Basketball and played netball and swam competitively.  Honestly I think once I stopped playing sport I continued to consume all those extra calories that I had been previously burning, then found Alcohol and I lived in Africa where most meals were loaded with carbs. Rice, Maize meal, potatoes and Bread.
Not sure how I went from being this super active person to this extremely over weight person but it happened.
My body always made me depressed, so after having my second son, I knew that I needed to use my maternity leave to sort myself out.  My eating habits, my lifestyle and work towards being the person I wanted to be and most importantly to be able to love myself again.
When making such drastic changes in your life you need to be in the right head space, it is not something that you can do half heartily, lucky I found that place and when I found the Lose Baby Weight Healthy Mummy Smoothies and 28 day eating plan.
I now knew i had the tools to start the journey of turning my life around, The healthy mummy smoothies have been fantastic and what sold me was that I could continue to breastfeed my son!!
So I started end April/start May at 106kg.  When I had left the hospital in March i was about 113kg – This was the heaviest I had ever been.  I remember one night I had been talking to my husband about something and I cracked. There were tears and I  knew I was miserable with myself and that night I made the decision of no more talk of being unhappy, it was time for me to take action.
I started with 2 healthy mummy smoothies a day and I cooked the evening meal in the 28 day plan for my family. With the help of the 28 day plan  I taught myself to snack healthy and watched everything i consumed!!
Like anyone I wanted to see results fast!! unfortunately the reality of that is it is a slow and ongoing process with no quick fix.  I introduced an evening walk which allowed me an “escape”.  I would put the kids to bed and then I was out the door.  Music on, No one yelling mum mum mum, just me and the pavement.  I would set myself little goals.  And when I reached them i would walk a little faster or further.  I told myself when i hit 90kg i would start running.
I hit a plateau at about 96kg, but then realised it was not a plateau but bad habits creeping back “thinking it was OK to eat lots as it was dark chocolate”  SO at 96kg I started running instead of waiting to reach 90kg and I did the 28 day eating plan again to kick the old habits.  – I use the website to get new recipe ideas and I started eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.
As I wanted this to be a lifestyle change i did not want to be on shakes forever. Having said that i still have my cupboard stocked with them and i have them about 3 times a week for breakfast 🙂 They are filling, full of fruit, taste great and I know I am only consuming approx 300-350 calories.  Perfect.
So I am a work in progress still but I currently weigh 87kg (sept). 19kg lighter and I am on track to being fitter and healthier than i have been in a long time. I hope to lose 10 to 17kg more.  I have joined a free running group and jog 5km on a Saturday Morning. (jogging the whole way:)
A huge thank you to Lose Baby Weight because I have tried many different things and i finally found one that has worked for me.  Your food is tasty, healthy and my whole family is enjoying the new variety.
I hope you can share this story to inspire others 🙂
Shannon Diallosh

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