Today we meet Sharni who has already lost 16 kilograms with Lose Baby Weight, but she’s not done yet!
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Hi Lose Baby Weight,
Spring has sprung and I am excited to start the Lose Baby Weight Summer Challenge!
This has come at the perfect time for me, I am a keen user of Lose Baby Weight products, they have helped me to lose 16 kgs already. In fact, just three weeks ago I reached my pre baby weight! My weight loss journey has been slow and gentle, with my aim always being to reach by pre baby weight by my little one’s first birthday, which I am very happy to say I achieved!
I have attached a picture of me post baby, and at my little ones first birthday party. I used the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, the 28 day plan and the winter warmer plan. I found the plans fit in so well with life and have helped me make more and more gradual healthy changes as I felt able to.
Now that I have achieved this, I have decided to add a new goal, which is to reach my wedding weight, which was a weight where I felt very confident and comfortable and haven’t been so close to for many years. But now thanks to Lose Baby Weight, I am so close I feel I can just keep going that little bit further to reach my ideal weight.
Current weight: 63.5kg
Current waist circumference: 71cms
Goal weight: 60kgs
I have a couple of extra mini goals along the way- to continue to increase my running (I currently run about 20km a week but would like to increase this a bit if I can) and to cook some new healthy recipes from the Summer Cookbook as soon as it arrives in the mail. I am so excited to get going!
Thanks Lose Baby Weight!
Shani Hampel
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