The amazing Shae Jovan Motivating Mum for July shares her mid month July update and is loving the 28 Day Winter Weight Loss Challenge.

Hi there, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Shae Jovan, I’m one of the Motivating Mums for the month of July & in turn for the Winter Weight Loss Challenge.
In the last few weeks alone, I have noticed little but big changes at the same time, my sleep has improved, I fall asleep earlier and wake up earlier and feel good as I actually got a good night’s sleep (no post sugar insomnia anymore lol)
My skin has improved 100% (again sugar related).
I have not noticed the scales move, barely a few hundred grams, but I’ve lost a few cms off my tummy, hips & thighs, I’m soooooo much fitter, I was actually able to bend my knees and squat down to the items on the bottom shelf at Woollies and hold the squat whilst I sorted through the products, in the past I’d topple over or not bend my knees. I can squat down to tie the kid’s shoelaces. I’ve gained arm muscle something I never thought I could achieve with the Lose Baby Weight plans.
And best yet, my kids sit in awe watching me in my home gym, they think I’m just soooo strong, stronger than daddy even, lol! I do get embarrassed when my eldest 2 watch me at times, because I’m still ashamed I am this size, but then I have to remind myself of how good I’m doing and that they are not judging me, they want to join me & that’s because I am setting a positive healthy example for them.
So I have now set new goals for myself, I vow to get up daily and be the best me I can be, nothing more, nothing less & I know with the help of the Lose Baby Weight team & all of you wonderful mummies out there, that I will get fitter, stronger, healthier (& slimmer) with each passing day..
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