While losing weight we sometimes spend so much time concentrating on the final goal that we miss enjoying the changes that we are making. We still feel ‘fat’ and ‘frumpy’ and don’t see the gorgeous person looking back at us in the mirror.
I have lost 34 kilos in 9 months following the Healthy Mummy eating plans and using the smoothies.
Today I have some suggestions that will help you feel good no matter what size you are or where you are in your weight loss journey

Clothes That No Longer Fit

Ditch the loose and unflattering big, baggy clothing. Burn those moo skirts! They only make you look bigger! Instead try for clothes that hug those sexy curves and highlight your good points. If you have killer calves wear pants and skirts that show them, if your bust is your best area wear a v top but whatever you do make it fitted, baggy is no one’s friend

Shape wear

Invest in some shape wear. There are some really good products out there now that range in price and style but at the end of the day it will smooth out your lumps and bumps, hold it all in and make you feel great in the process

Add Some Colour

Put some colour in your wardrobe. You don’t need to leave the house looking like a rainbow but in the same token looking like a child of the night will only make you seem dark and drab. You can also put pops of colour in your wardrobe with some costume jewellery. Its long been believed that colour effects mood so why not aim for a mood that is cheerful rather than sad?

Tend To Your Skin

Look after your skin, always try to moisturise and if you can get a tan. I’m not saying to pop back to the 80’s and fry yourself in our golden sunshine, there are some great instant products on the market as well as gradual tans that are fantastic. A tan is great for improving complexion, hiding stretch-marks and gives you a healthy glow. The lose baby weight website has a great article on the best tips to apply


Watch your posture. Shoulders back, head high, engage your core – there will be no looking down and slumping if you want to look great

Show Those Pearly Whites

SMILE!!! Nothing says confident mama like someone who is smiling. It gives you cheekbones, opens your eyes and is so much more pleasant to look at
Here is an example of how outfit, posture and a smile can make you seem sexier and more confident. Same day, taken minutes apart
There is no reason why we should not feel great about ourselves all the time. My wise husband constantly tells me ‘are you doing everything you can be doing to change it? If yes then relax and enjoy yourself’. The same thing applies to our body image. If we are exercising, eating well and looking after ourselves we should give ourselves permission to enjoy our bodies no matter what weight we are.
Laura Flanangan

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