A huge thank you to Serena Thomas who has emailed in her fantastic weight loss results from following our healthy eating plan.
Her children are not theoretically ‘babies’ but all the same she is now losing her pregnancy weight and is feeling amazing so WELL DONE SERENA!
“Hi Rhian, I just wanted to send you an email with my progress to date.  My children are 5 and 2 and I never tried to lose my pregnancy weight after having them and about 6 months ago I decided it was about time.  So I found you on Facebook and after around 4 months or procrastination I decided to give it a go and I bought your 28 Day Plan and 4 weeks ago I bought the Essentials Plan with your new Healthy Mummy smoothies.
I have to admit, I was sceptical. Yes I had read the other success stories but figured it would take a LOOOONG shot to shift my 20kg I was now carrying and the dream of ever getting back to below 70kg was a pretty crazy one.
But I honestly CANNOT believe what a difference 8 weeks has made and I am STILL IN SHOCK.  I love the 28 day plan and with two kids to look after it is simple and easy to follow and in the first 4 weeks I lost 4kg. Which I just couldn’t believe.
Then I thought I would give your smoothies a go – but wasn’t sure I would like them as I have bad memories of my own mum doing slimfast as a kid and the idea of a shake was not too appealing! But I LOVED THEM!! I love that you add fruit to them and every morning I look forward to making them and drinking them with a big thick straw.  And my energy levels have increased so much and so has my skin and after having a smoothie for breakfast every day and alternating between the 28 Day Plan foods and the smoothies for lunch I have lost another 5kg – which totals 9kg.
I also have found your daily tips to be a great help with motivation and I love love love your facebook page. Some days I am so tired and cranky and you always have something up there to make me smile.
Thank you for all the support you give and everything you do. I am now sitting at 83kg and I am determined to continue and get to 70kg and when I do I will be sending in my before and after photos for your site as I have written down one of my goals to appear in your “success stories’ and I cannot wait!!
Thanks again, Serena”

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