lose_baby_weightOften when we are eating healthy food and exercising, we can get bogged down in the nitty gritty of trying to lose weight.
So focused on the daily numbers on the scales, we can sometimes forget to take a step back and see how far we have come in the bigger scheme of things.
Today we are looking at 3 ways that you can see how far you have come since you began your Lose Baby Weight journey.

1) Facts and figures

If you have joined our Summer Challenge you will have recorded your measurements and weight (and hopefully taken some photos) and sent them in.
If not, ideally when you started on our plans you will have made some notes about where you started from and also have a ‘before’ photo tucked away somewhere.
Now that we are in the third month of our Summer Challenge, it’s a good time to have a peek at those facts and figures – and give yourself a little pat on the back.
You may have lost centimeters, you might have lost some kilos, but it’s most likely when you look at the ‘before’ photo that you will see the biggest difference.
Take a photo of yourself now (ideally in the same clothes and positions) and compare the two.
Can you remember the moment when you took the ‘before’ photo – how do you feel now compared to that time in your life? Chances are you are enjoying the other positive benefits that come from eating well and moving more.
Do you look more toned? Is your tummy flatter than it was? Is your posture better? Does your skin look healthier? Do you look happier?
As well as the scales and statistics, here at Lose Baby Weight we also recommend looking at your pictures as a great way to stay motivated.
All too often the scales can be misleading if they show that you are putting on weight, or have hit a plateau – when in fact you may be getting more toned or even shrinking physically but not dropping down in terms of the kilograms.
You can also read our stories of mums who have lost weight and feel motivated by them – see Linda’s incredible story here of how she lost more than 40kg with Lose Baby Weight (pictured above).

2) Your feelings and general well-being

When we start a weight loss plan – even one like the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan that isn’t so much a ‘diet’ but more a lifestyle change – it can bring up a lot of emotions.
lose_baby_weightIn the past you may have found yourself turning to food to try to deal with emotions such as boredom, sadness, loneliness, low self-esteem and even depression.
So when you try to cut out the old ‘crutches’ like ice cream, chips, sweets and chocolate bars you can find yourself feeling a bit exposed.
But most likely by now you will have pulled yourself through those first few weeks of the emotional roller coaster and may be now enjoying feeling a bit calmer about food.
Once you take the control back (instead of letting food control you) you may have even found that you don’t think about food so much (at least not the unhealthy stuff).
Now that you are filling your body with nutritious food, your cravings for sugary donuts or greasy chips may have subsided.
You might find that when you are feeling upset or tired you take a long walk instead of reaching for a biscuit.
This is really an important milestone to take note of – so if you feel as though you are more in control of your emotions around food, you need to give yourself a little high five.
You may also find that eating well and exercising has positive effects on other areas of your life too.
Do you have more energy to play with the kids?
Are you able to enjoy conversation with your partner without feeling sleepy after dinner?
Do you find yourself looking forward to future events and milestones such as birthdays or weddings, instead of feeling worried about what you will wear or what people will think of you?

3) Your fitness level

lose_baby_weightWhether you’ve been walking regularly, working out with our Exercise DVD, or attending fitness classes in the park – you will most likely have found that your fitness levels have improved.
Do you remember when you first started the Lose Baby Weight plans – was it hard to motivate yourself to strap on your shoes and go for a walk? Compare that to now – do you find yourself looking forward to your exercise?
If you are into jogging or cycling, do you find that you can go faster or for longer than before? So often we build up our fitness slowly over time, and don’t take the time to think about how much fitter we are now than at the beginning.
When you are doing any physical movement (such as walking up some stairs or chasing the kids at the park) – do you find that you aren’t so out of breath anymore? Do you perhaps not even notice incidental exercise like this, whereas before it might wipe you out for a few minutes?
All of these things are achievements that you should be proud of.
So take the time to reflect because it can be a big motivator and a great way to encourage you to keep going and reach your goals.
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