It’s great that you have decided to follow the healthy eating diet plans from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to reach your healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals.
But what do your family think about the potential changes in their diets? How do you get your partner and family on board and not complaining that they don’t want to eat “rabbit food” all the time?
Fortunately the recipes that are included in the Challenges are really family friendly and use every day ingredients to please many different tastes. The recipes can easily be adjusted to satisfy your family or partner’s cravings too.
Children can be fussy (so can partners!) and it’s sometimes a real chore to get them to try something different at meal times. Here are our top recipes to look out for and try to suit the whole family during the May 28 Day Challenge.


Whether everyone prepares their own breakfast in your household or you all sit down together and share the same meal, there are a number of great recipes to suit your partner and family in the May Challenge.
Look out for hearty recipes like the Spanish Eggs, Fried Eggs with Seasonal Veggies or the Chorizo Baked Egg Cups with Spicy Salsa. These are all delicious breakfast meals that can be adapted to suit everyone’s tastes e.g. reduce chilli or other flavours if your family don’t like them. Swap chorizo for lean bacon if you prefer.
Get the family trying some different ingredients like haloumi or homemade baked beans rather than everyone eating boring (and often not very healthy) cereal every morning.
Porridge and cereal based recipes are great for breakfast during the cooler months of the year and can be adjusted to suit everyone’s tastes. Try the Chocolate Granola or Poached Pear Porridge and adjust flavours if needed for your family’s preferences.


Lunch can be an easy meal to prepare each day as if you’ve done some planning and food preparation earlier in the week, you can have leftovers for lunch or already have something made to share with the family.
Pre-prepare soups like the Cumin & Carrot or Sweet Potato & Leek with Bacon Croutons from Week 3 of the May Challenge and you will have warming lunches that partners can take to work or you can serve the kids at home with a wholegrain bread roll.
Try a few of the tasty wraps or sandwiches throughout the Challenge like the Roast Beef & Crunchy Salad Open Sandwich or the Mexican Bean Wrap, both are very husband friendly. You could send your partner to work with all the ingredients for these types of lunch recipes and then all they have to do is add them into the wrap or bread when they’re ready to eat.
The Mini Meat Pies are sure to be a family favourite lunch recipe. Make these ahead of time or on the weekend and serve to everyone when watching the footy. Great to have for dinner with a side salad too.


There are loads of family friendly and husband proof recipes for dinner during the May 28 Day Challenge.
Curries like the Spicy Chicken, Pea & Potato or the Tandoori Chicken will satisfy many tastes. You can serve yours with brown rice or quinoa and if the family don’t like these types of grains, basmati rice is a family pleaser.
You can make other changes to recipes if needed. For example you can serve the Zucchini Pesto Pasta as is for you but if you have a lot of veggie haters in your family, just serve the Pesto sauce with spaghetti for them rather than with the zucchini noodles.
Supreme Pizza, Chicken & Mushroom Filo Parcels, Lamb Burgers with Minted Yoghurt, Satay Fried Rice with Egg, Healthier Hot Dogs, Creamy Zucchini Pasta….. All of these are delicious recipes that are healthy versions of family favourites and are sure to satisfy the fussiest of husbands or children.


Remember that throughout the Challenge you can easily make swaps to suit you and your family’s tastes. If your children don’t like fish then prepare a seafood recipe using chicken. Or if there are certain vegetables that you don’t enjoy eating then replace them with something that you do like. Swapping meats, fruits and vegetables won’t ruin the recipes but rather it will enable you to get creative and prepare healthy meals that your whole family will enjoy.
If you can it is great to try new flavours every now and then and you never know you and your family may enjoy something you didn’t think you’d like. So be daring and you might surprise yourself.
The Challenge has been designed to be easy for you to make it work so it suits you and your lifestyle. So try out different things, make swaps and choose the recipes you know will please your family the most and you’ll find it easy to stick to the healthy eating plans.
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