Well we are officially halfway through February and 1 and a half months into the new year! Its been a fortnight of ups and downs. Two days in this fortnight the kids have been absolute nightmares and I hardly got any exercise (or anything) done, another day they were perfect and I managed to finish the entire Lose Baby Weight post pregnancy dvd- The life of a mum ey?! Life is unpredictable, just work with it and you’ll see results.
At my first blog post I weighed in at 103.2kgs, I wrote the first blog post a week and a half before February and by Feb 1st I had already reached my first goal! Feb 1st I weighed in at 100.1kgs, as a reward for passing 20kgs lost I was treated to a lovely professional full body massage and oh wow, it was lovely. It massaged out all the sore muscles and gave me a break from the kids for an hour. (THANK YOU HUBBY!)


At the end of week 1 I had lost 800g and weighed in at 99.3kgs. I am soooo excited to finally be in the double digits and not the triple. I had a great experience at the shops; for so long I have struggled with shopping when I was at my biggest I was a size 22 and had only a limited amount of shops I could find clothes for me in. But I went and got fitted for a new bra and I was not just one size down. Nor two. I am now a size 16!!! That’s right THREE sizes down!!! There are still some clothes that fit better as an 18 for now but I will fix that soon enough. It’s such a confidence booster to fit into clothes that I would have never even attempted to try on before.
I also did something super brave and signed myself up for the Mothers Day Classic this year. I’m very excited and feel even more motivated than ever before, this gives me goal date and a shirt that in 6months time I hope will look baggy on me!! I have been going for ‘couch to 5k’ run/walks for the last 4 weeks and can now run about 50% of it so I have braved it and put myself down to run the 7.2km track. I have about 3 months to train and to lose more weight. Love the extra motivation it gives me as I know all my hard work goes towards a great cause, I also know that this means I will get some “me” time on mothers day as hubby looks after the kids whilst I do the event- always a bonus! 🙂
This week ends my 2nd week of February. My weigh in results and measurements for the first half of February are below:
98.7kgs (-1.4kg this fortnight)
I have found this second week a lot harder with PMS hitting hard and making me crave all sorts of bad things, making me feel constantly hungry and extremely bloated. This has made motivation for exercise and eating well quite difficult. Despite this I have pushed through and distracted myself from the emotions with different activities and stuck to the good food which I am so proud of. I am looking forward to this coming week when I get my energy back and when the bloating goes down (perhaps I will get an even bigger result?!
A highlight from the last week has been going on a family hike on sunday afternoon, we had some time to waste before going out for dinner with family and the kids needed to get out the house so we loaded up some sunscreen, snacks and water and headed out to our local walking trail, put the kids in the ergo carriers on ours backs and began walking. Using a tracker on my phone I discovered when we finished our walk that we had walked almost 7kms! It was also lovely for our relationship as we had an hour and a half of just the four of us with no distractions and had a lovely time chatting about everything. I think we got so much more out of it than just calories burnt and I highly recommend to anyone to try it!


My goals for this next fortnight is to continue working out 6 days of the week with a particular focus on running for longer distances and continuing to eat well and experimenting with different foods. My aim this week is to push myself hard to lose 1kg. My next goal weight is 95kgs which will bring me to 2kgs less than my 1st pregnancy weight and if I get any less than that my hubby won’t recognise me because he has never seen me smaller than that! Crazy great motivation!
I’m really looking forward to what the rest of this month holds for me, every day it gets easier to make the right choices and activities get easier as I lose more and more weight. I feel fantastic and its even greater to know that this feeling is only going to get better! Hope you are all having a great month too. Don’t forget that every day is a brand new day and a day to start over or to commit to making a difference. There are still 64 days until Easter and 313 days until Christmas- plenty of time to make a difference in your body and mind to surprise friends and family with your new slimmer body! Keep going!
Sarah Breuker xx
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