Lose_baby_weightLast year the fabulous Sarah MacDonald followed the Lose Baby Weight plans last year and lost 15kg of her baby weight.
And we thought it would be agreat idea to revisit her amazing weight loss and check in with her to see how she is going after doing so well last year.

Q&A with Sarah MacDonald

Q. How much did you lose in total on the Lose Baby Weight Plans?
A. 15kg
Q. What did you find most useful on the Lose Baby Weight Plans?
A. The smoothies! I was so exhausted with a new baby and I remember crying to my husband one day saying that I was too tired to think about every meal ever day and I just wished someone could tell me what to eat. Then I started Lose Baby Weight and was able to have an easy breakfast and lunch without thinking about it. They were so easy with a baby too, and so yummy that I still have a smoothie most days because I love them!
Q. Did the plans change how you and your family eat food and exercise?
A. I pay a lot more attention to my snacking now, as that was something I really had to watch. I also do a lot more incidental exercise. I have learnt through the programme that any exercise is good, so I try to fit something in most days, even if it is just 100 squats while brushing my teeth before bed!
Q. Have you managed to keep the weight loss?
A. Yes and no! I stayed at my goal weight for just under six months, but recently gained 2kg after having surgery. But unlike in the past where I would have got very upset or would have continued to gain weight and let it get out of control, I have got straight back into the Lose Baby Weight and healthy mummy smoothie plans and am well on my way to being back at my goal weight. I have made a promise to myself that I will never have to lose 15kg again.
Q. Would you and have you recommended the plans to your friends?
A. Absolutely! Quite a few of my friends have started the plan 🙂
Q. Any tips you would like to give to other mums wanting to lose their pregnancy weight?
A Stay positive and don’t give up! I used to be so negative about myself and that contributed to my weight gain and lack of motivation to lose it. I would feel bad about myself so then would comfort eat – such a bad cycle. I read something Rhian had written about imagining yourself at your goal weight and imagining what people would say and how I would feel. Every time I was tempted to give up or eat something I knew I should avoid, I would imagine myself at my goal weight and imagine all the compliments, and it would give me the strength to keep going. I would feel happy and positive, and that made all the difference.
Also, don’t compare your weight loss to others! Some weeks I lost a lot, and other weeks I lost a little or even gained. I never gave up, and when I finished I averaged out my losses by week, and found that on average I had lost 300 g a week. If I had known that would be my average at the beginning, I would probably not have started, but the fact is, a year later, I am wearing size 10 instead of size 14, feel so much healthier and better about myself and do not regret my weight loss journey for a second!

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