Wow, this year is just flying past! February is over and what a month for me! I have had a wonderful month, creating new habits and changing my lifestyle for the better.
This month I have lost 2.1kgs which brings my total weightloss since the start of my journey with the Lose Baby Weight plans to 23.5kgs!
I have dropped soo many sizes since the start of my journey too, from squeezing into a size 22 to now comfortably fitting size 16 (though I do find some 18s more comfy depending on the fit as it covers my lumpy/wobbly bits).
I am amazed at how my belly is tightening up and my overhang is getting smaller and smaller every day. Both my hubby and I are over the moon as we weren’t sure when I started this journey that I would be able to lose it. Just goes to show that any thing is possible when you put your mind to it 🙂
This is what the month of February looked like for me:

  • February 1st- 100.1kgs
  • February 8th- 99.3kgs (-800g)
  • February 14th- 98.7kgs (-600g)
  • February 21st- 97.8kgs (-900g)
  • February 28th- 98.0kgs (+200g)

April 2013 (111kgs)- Feb 1st- today

  • Bust – 111 – 103 – 101
  • Waist – 98 – 85.5 – 83
  • Hips – 126 – 118 – 112
  • Thigh – 77 – 69 – 65.5

Some of the highlights of this month has been…
Teaching myself how to run. To see my endurance improve every time and I am able to run further every time. I even signed up to do the 7.2km run for the Mothers Day Classic in May. This gives me a goal date, distance and shirt that I hope will soon seem baggy on me.
I have loved having the healthy mummy smoothies every morning, my favourite is the banana oat buster. This fills me up every time and tastes delicious! The smoothies are so convenient and easy to make. Even my daughter has been requesting milkshakes in her favourite Wiggle colour, I no longer have trouble getting enough dairy and other hidden fruits into her 😉
When I haven’t gone out for a run because the weather is horrible or I didn’t have time to do it I have been squeezing in the Lose Baby Weight Post-pregnancy exercise DVD. It’s so easy to do as all the segments are only 10-15 mins long so I can do it when the kids are awake or asleep because I can easily distract them for such a short period of time 🙂 my 2.5yo daughter has been a great motivator when it comes to getting me up and moving, if she spots the DVD she will bring it to me and ask me to put it on the tv so we can do “the pink and purple dancing girls”. She loves to watch me do it and tries to copy or even better she sits on top of me and creates lots of extra resistance (especially when doing push ups, ouch!).
My 10mo boy also loves using me as a jungle gym during this time. It’s great to be able to get them involved in my workout because they think it’s just hilarious play time. I have also been following the eat, move, lose challenges for the week and have to say this past weeks challenges (sumo squats) have really tested my legs and butt. Will be trying to continue with these because I can feel the difference they make to my lower half.
Overall I am very happy with my weightloss this month, though I am slightly disappointed in this last weeks results (+200g). On the positive though I still lost quite number of cms this week from my body which just goes to show that the scales dont show the entire story and its important to look at all aspects of your body, not just a number on the scales.
In light of this my non-scale victories this week have been fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes again and being able to buy clothes in size 16 and have them fit me perfectly! When I started I was squeezing into size 22 clothing and my greatest wish was to be able to shop in almost any store and not be in the plus size section anymore, I am very happy that this is already coming true and I still have loads of weight left to lose!
I have the privilege of continuing on as a Motivating Mum for the month of March as well so my goals for this next month are to focus on my running, as I need to train for the Mothers Day classic. I aim to lose between 500g-1kg per week this month which will hopefully mean I will lose between (2-4kgs this next month). I am looking forward to being able to use my Guiltfree desserts book this month with both my husband and son having birthdays (hubby turns 25 and my baby turns 1yo- already!)
I hope you all had a great month too! If not, tomorrow is a new day and a new month time to start fresh. It just a month and a half until Easter, you can still make the changes to your body before then. Set yourself a goal and a reward and you will be rewarded for it!
Happy healthy eating!
Sarah Breuker x
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