Hi Lose Baby Weight Team!
Here is an updated photo of my progress and 10kg weight loss on your weight loss plans
I haven’t lost any weight this fortnight but I haven’t gained any either. I was on holidays for a week last week. I took my Healthy Mummy smoothie mix with me so I could still have my smoothies every morning for breakfast. For my other meals I made the healtiest choice I could make. I think I did a really good job and didn’t give in to much temptation!
I also made sure I went for a walk with my baby boy every day, not only did I enjoy our walk and enjoy the scenery I was getting a great exercise workout in and on holidays!!
Now I am back home and back on track I know this next fortnight I will be able to knock some numbers off my scale!
Even though my weight hasn’t moved I have shifted some cm’s off of my waist down 1.5cm and my thighs 3cms.
I discovered Lose Baby Weight after I saw a fellow Mummy loose a huge amount of weight with LBW and she looked amazing! I thought I should give it a go, what did I have to loose? I’m so glad I tried LBW because I haven’t looked back and I have lost a total of 10kg so far
It’s just so easy to follow and delicious!
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU LOSE BABY WEIGHT!!
Sarah Gilling X

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